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Guidelines for transcription

  1. Transcribe each and every word including laughter, clapping, haribol, devotees speaking etc.
  2. If you dont understand, please put a space and mention time in brackets . For eg , ______________(5:18)
  3. Mention transcribers name and date of completion at the end
  4. At the end of transcription, add the tags which can be used for search . for eg, Gita mahatmaya , Mayapur, Preaching, Srila Prabhupad, Sadhana etc.
  5. Include only verse and translation(the purport must be left out), even if not in audio. Please make sure that you copy the verse and translation only from (not any other source).
  6. Transcription of invocation prayers and Jaya Radha Madhava not needed.
  7. Include Questions & Answers . Anything not audible , mention 'Not audible ' with time(mm:ss)
  8. Please inform the devotee who assigned you the service, if you are not able to complete within the committed time.
  9. If there is break in lecture flow, put '......'

Guidelines On Editing Transcriptions

  • Hear the audio of the lecture to be edited, and ensure that each word has been transcribedverbatim by adding missing words, phrases, sentences, and deleting extraneous words.

  • Punctuate the transcription for clarity. For example, when Gurumaharaja quotes someone, add speech marks if the transcriber has done it wrong or not done it at all.

  • Correct minor grammatical errors like wrong articles, prepositions, and parts of speech only where absolutely necessary, i.e. where the meaning would otherwise be obscured or misunderstood.

  • Spell-check is a must. Adhere to American spelling.

  • Ensure that any quoted Sanskrit verse, either a full one or a portion of it, adheres to the font used in Verses copied from other sites are very likely to be unreadable.

  • Please refrain from making such embellishments as change of style, replacement of words, recasting of sentences, change of voice (active to passive and vice versa), etc. The Reason : The Database is committed to keeping Gurumaharaja's lectures accurate and pure.

Yours humbly,