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How to Donate

Here at the JPS Archives, we are very busy and always in need of assistance. There are many things you can help with.

  1. New Equipment for digitization of Audio and Video tapes
  2. Repair of existing Equipment for the same
  3. Monthly support for devotees to work full-time to help with this process
  4. Electricity expenses to run all of this equipment
  5. Internet expenses to be able to upload the audio, video and multi-media
  6. Anyone coming to Mayapur can bring Tayo Yuden professional blank DVDs for backing up digital data. These can be found on Tayo Yuden DVD-R

These are a few of the things we need help with.

You can donate directly to ISKCON Mayapur Main account - Please inform us of the amount, your name and the date of donation so we will be able to follow through and let you know that it was completed.

In the Additional Information Field just let them know the donation is for the JPS Archives Main account.
Also, Please include the info on what you want the funds to be used for.

We will be setting up other ways of donating soon.

Thank you for your kind support and patience as we get the database up and running

Hare Krishna JPS Archives