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How to transcribe

Method of Transcription

Step One:

Log in with your new username and password. Once you log in, The Jaypataka Swami Archives Database page opens.

Step Two:

Click on “Transcribing.” At the top of the page, the heading says “Jayapataka Swami Archives Database.” In the next line, a blue strip runs right across the page with various links. The link you need to click on is “Transcribing.” Then The Database takes you to a page that says “Transcription Dashboard”

Step Three:

Here, Cick on the button that reads : ASSIGN TRANSCRIPTION. Under the heading: “Transcription Dashboard,” it says: you have no transcriptions assigned to you at this moment. In the next line, there is a button that reads : ASSIGN TRANSCRIPTION. You need to click on this button to be assigned a transcription.

Step Four:

Once you click on “ASSIGN TRANSCRIPTION,” you will get this message : you have been assigned a transcription. In the next line, you will see a link that will take to you the lecture(audio file) you will transcribe. This link is always the lecture title. For example, the link could have this title: Complete Surrender in Devotional Service.

Step Five:

Cick on the link(lecture title) below the message and it will take you to an audio player with the lecture you will transcribe.

Step Six:

At the bottom of the audio player, there is a gray strip. On this gray strip is the file name. Simply right-click on the file name to download it. After you download it, save it on your desk top. Now you have the lecture in the audio file, ready for you to transcribe.

Step Seven:

After you have finished transcribing the whole lecture, log in to the Database, and click on “Transcribing.” Then you will see the lecture title, i.e., Complete Surrender in Devotional Service. Right beside it, you will see a button that reads “edit.” Click on this “edit” button.

Step Eight:

After you click on “edit,” you will be taken to a page with a blank box. Right above this box, in the top left hand corner, you will see these words : Edit Summary. All you need to do now is: copy the transcribed lecture from your your computer and paste it into the blank box.

Step Nine:

Scroll further down until you see these three options:

  • To be transcribed
  • Being transcribed
  • To be edited

Now, select the “To be edited” option.

Step Ten:

Scroll all the way down and click on the button that reads “save.” Then the Database saves the lecture you have transcribed. You have now successfully completed the transcription process! Now what? Well, you can always log in and request to be assigned another transcription and get more mery from Gurudev!