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Method Of Editing A Transcription

Step One: Go to the Editing Volunteer Form page on the Database by clicking on this link:

Step Two: Fill out the form provided and submit it. (Once the Editing Volunteer Form is filled out and submitted, the site will add you to the list of our authorized editors and send you a link to create your username and password to log in to the site. And if you are already one of our transcriptionists, then you can use the username and password already given to you).

Step Three: Log in to Jayapataka Swami Archives Database with your username and password.

Step Four: Click on the option "Transcribing" in the menu. (This will take you to the Transcription Dashboard). Step Five: Click on the green button that says "Assign Transcription" under the second sub-heading which reads, "Assigned transcriptions for Editing." (This will take you to lecture you will edit).  

Step Five: Copy and save the lecture you will edit. If you prefer to come back and edit online, then save the link of the lecture assigned.

Step Six: Start editing the lecture. (Make changes only where absolutely necessary; dividing big chunks of  speech into smaller readable, eye-relieving  paragraphs, and carefully avoiding any kind of  linguistic or literary embellishments).

Step Seven: Log in to Jayapataka Swami Archives Database and click on the lecture title (of the lecture assigned to you). This will take you to the lecture page with a menu at the top.

Step Eight: Click on the "Edit" menu. Now the lecture will appear within a box.

Step Nine: Select the lecture within the box (by pressing down control+a or command+a on Mac simultaneously). Then copy and paste your edited lecture into the box.

Step Ten: Scroll down to the bottom and click on the green "Save" button, enabling a new page to open with the lecture edited by you.

Step Eleven: Scroll down once again to the bottom and select "to be reviewed" option from the these two options: 1) being edited and 2) to be reviewed.

Step Twelve: Scroll down once again and Click on the Save button. You now have successfully edited and uploaded your edited lecture to the Database.

Note: If you would like to edit another lecture, simply go back to the homepage and repeat the process from Step Four (log in if you have logged out) and follow through to the last step.