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Sunday, January 9, 1983
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Jayapataka Swami: Sometimes if a devotee is not careful for offending other devotee then even an advanced devotee can fall into difficulty. (Thai) The other dangers uh, are there: Unwanted creepers. (Thai) The devotee keeps other desires from the heart, because those desires can grow up, and can take away strength from the spiritual tree. (Thai) Of course this is just a basic, very brief explanation. (Thai) So in this, material world we are very fortunate to be human beings. (Thai) This human body is a good birth because it gives us more intelligence to understand the purpose of life. (Thai)

Lord Caitanya, He was so dear, when He was in the forest, all the animals would come and lick him. (Thai) When He would chant Hare Krisha even the tigers and the deer would chant together without fear. (Thai) He is considered to be the first… most merciful form of Krishna because He accepts anyone no matter what they did in their past life. (Thai) So therefore, we request everyone to take this seed of Krishna Consciousness and plant in your heart and to water it by daily chanting and hearing the Hare Krishna mantra. (Thai)

Are there any questions? (Thai)


Nishi: Step by step of becoming devotee. (Thai)

Jayapataka Swami: I was looking for that verse. (Thai) uh, but I remember I couldn’t find it.

The first point of course is to have a (Thai) adau sraddha, to come and then satsanga to come and associate with the devotees. (Thai) Then one has faith (Thai) to come and hear from the devotees and listen to what to what they are saying, this is the first step. (Thai) and by associating with the devotees then one sees that this is a very nice way of life (Thai) and then one starts to chant and to practice oneself some of the aspects of devotional service. (Thai) then one accepts the spiritual master (Thai) and renders service under his guidance (Thai) and gets rid of unwanted things from the heart. (Thai) Sufferings and other kinds of illusions that are in the heart. (Thai)

Then, from there one becomes very fixed or nishta, fixed in the spiritual… in the devotional life, in the spiritual… in the Krishna consciousness. (Thai) Then, from that stage one gets a taste for the devotional service (Thai) which is described to be more sweet than honey (Thai) its completely satisfying to the self.

So, being attached to that uh, taste, then one grows and becomes to the stage known as attached. (Thai) of course, we like a family. Once… there is a story Prabhupada used how a person becomes very attached to chanting Hare Krishna and serving Krishna. (Thai) That there was a boy one who had joined the temple in Montreal, Canada and was chanting there for some time. (Thai) But his mother and father came and they wanted him that he could come back to home. (Thai) and to leave the temple. (Thai)

So, they were talking with him by the door, then suddenly they grabbed him and said, “Come on!” (Thai) Of course, we don’t like… we like it if whole family is practicing devotional service. That is very good. (Thai) then, the home is very good for spiritual life if everyone is devotee there. (Thai) but these parents were not devotees and they wanted their son to be in material life, and not to be um, in devotional service. (Thai) So one was pulling on the arm, and other… mother was pulling on arm and the father was pulling on the leg, and he was holding with one hand on the door. (Thai) So, finally they were pulling on two legs and he is hanging in the air holding on the door, and they’re saying, “You come !”

He said, “No! I won’t go!” (Thai)

“You come! You come”

“No, no, I want to serve Krishna, I don’t want to go.” (Thai) and they were pulling, (Thai) so Prabhupada said that this shows that he had a great attachment to Krishna, (laughter) (Thai) there was one devotee called Haridas Thakura (Thai) and he told by one Muslim King that “You should stop chanting the name of Krishna, you should chant the name of Allah.” (Thai) So, he said that uh, he cannot stop chanting the name of uh, Krishna. (Thai)

So they said that “If you don’t stop chanting the name of Krishna you will be punished.” (Thai)

He said that “You can cut my body into little little pieces, (Thai) but so long there is one piece left (Thai) that piece will go on chanting Hare Krishna (laughter) (Thai) so, then he was whipped in 22 market places, people they tried to kill him by whipping. (Thai) but he was protected by Krishna (Thai) and although they whipped him there was no mark on his body. (Thai) so then the people who were assigned to whip him, they were very sad after the 22 market places were finished because… and they were just lamenting. (Thai) Lord... Haridas Thakura said that “Why you are sad?” (Thai)

Said, “We are sad because you are not dead.” (Thai)

“Why?” (Thai)

“Because the King will kill us because you are not died even though we have whipped you.” (Thai)

He said, “So if I die will it make you happy?” (Thai)

“Yes, Yes, we will be very happy if you die.” (Thai)

So, then he said “Alright,” then he laid down and went into Samadhi, and then he appeared as if dead. (Thai) they couldn’t see any breath (Thai) couldn’t hear any heart beat (Thai)

“He’s dead! He’s dead! (Thai) Tell the King! (Thai) Now we will get a big reward. (Thai) We have been saved, he is dead!” (Thai)

They ran and told that uh, Nawab, the Badshah that “He is dead. He is dead. We did our job” (Thai) So, then the King came down to see, and uh, they tasted and said , “Yes, he is dead.” So then, the Kind said “So, let us then burn him.” (Thai) but the priest came and said, “No. He should not be burned, he should not be buried. His soul should not be allowed to rest in peace. (Thai) He should just be thrown in the river so that crows and dogs will eat his flesh and his soul will wander completely… horrible… just lack of peace. (Thai) because he has not followed the right path.”

So then uh, the King said, “Alright, through him in the river.” (Thai) So, the two people they tried to lift him up, but because Haridas Thakur was meditating on Krishna in the heart, he had become very heavy, heavy as the universe. (Thai) The two, they couldn’t move him even an inch. (Thai) the King was bewildered, “bring more men, move him! Get him in the river. Move him!” (Thai)

“Ugh! Pull him! get him in the river.” (Thai) didn’t move. (Thai)

Said, “Bring elephants!” (Thai) They tied elephant with ropes to his legs, and they are straining, “Urg!” Screaming, poking. They couldn’t move him (Thai) What to do? (Thai)

Then all of a sudden Haridas Thakur became very light like a ball of cotton. (Thai) One man lifted him up like a cotton ball (Thai) they took him, threw him in the river. (Thai) He was floating on the top of the river. (Thai) Wind was blowing in from the other side. (Thai) then, he hit the other side, he became conscious. (Thai) he jumped out of the river (Thai)

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

he started dancing and going away (Thai) the King and the priest said, “Look!” they couldn’t believe it (Thai) that King, he immediately saidd, “Call.. give me a boat immediately!” (Thai) he had them take him across to the other side of the river. (Thai) he ran after Haridas Thakur (Thai) he fell down and grabbed his feet. (Thai)

“You please forgive me for my offences.” I didn’t recognize you, you are a great peer… you are a great master” (Thai)

He said, “I can only forgive you only if you promise that no one will obstruct the people from chanting Hare Krishna in your kingdom.” (Thai) Just then the priest he came also running, and he fell “Please forgive me, I made a big mistake.” (Thai) So, this way they promised that they won’t obstruct anymore, Haridas Thakur forgave them.

Transcribed by Sadananda Krishna Prema dasa

Revised by Jagannatha dasa Brahmacari