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26/AUG/2017 Srimad Bhagavatam.8.2.31 @ Sri Mayapur Dham, India

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Saturday, August 26, 2017
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This was the most powerful entity in the jungle. He was Gajendra the king of elephants, all the other elephants lions everybody respected him. He was walking with his herd of female elephants in heavenly gardens. He decided to go on to the clear pond, the females and children were taking water in their trunk and they were spraying on Gajendra and in this way he was enjoying but he disturbed the animals of the water. Giant king of crocodile, he was angry at Gajendra and he went and bit the leg of Gajendra no matter How Gajendra tried he couldn't get loose, other elephants tried to help the crocodiles grip was very strong. Like this the tug of was was going on for long time gradually the elephant being an land animal had no food. He became weakened. His body became weak and his mind was also gradually loosing strength. On the other hand the crocodile being the water animal was getting something to eat and he was getting stronger. So Gajendra thought what should I do! and he came to the conclusion that he should surrender unto Vishnu. A sinful man doesn't come to this conclusion, those who are pious who are god conscious, they come to this conclusion so person who is in danger who is in need a person who is inquisitive and a person who seeks knowledge.

These four kinds of people think to surrender to Krishna. So it turns out that Gajendra was a king in his previous life and he had the name of Indradyumnà maharaja, he was cursed to be dull headed so he became an elephant but he was very sorry for the offense he had made and he begged for apology so he was given the blessings that as a dull animal he would be delivered by the lord and the crocodile was also there because of a curse so this is very important verse for many reason one is that we are declaring war against Maya and we have to continue our fight against Maya so we should be strong sensually and mentally and that will not be the same for every person. Some may be stronger in the renounced order but mainly in Kali Yuga people should get married. Lord Caitanya took sannyas at an young age and Sarvabhauma bhattacharya warned him that he should be very careful.

Normally it is prohibited to be a sanntasi but whatever is ones ashram one had to fight with Maya. Husband and wife in addition to their family life should help each other in their devotional service. In a letter Srila Prabhupada he said that the grhasthas can keep the highest goal as the principle and work for it but initially they should not be pressed for it. Srila prabhupada indicated that whatever one ashram one will stronger one should take that. Generally the ladies take up family life but this verse shows how memorising some sloka will help in future life and also shows how the material world is not a happy place, Prabhupada was commenting that people generally think that if they have car and hours they are happy, but even if they have big car they are subjected to accidents so Srila prabhupada was saying that in this material world there is danger in every time. So while landing the pilot announces that here your journey is completing now and now the most dangerous moment is going to àrrive. The statistics shows that more accidents happens than the car accident also I was in an American airplane there was movie------++---++ extreme danger but he survived all six times then his wife begged him don't go again So he what he was but he was killed in a car accident. Srimad Bhagavatam says padam padam yad vipadam, danger at every step so living in the Dham is great opportunity to awaken your dormant Krishna consciousness. I was with Srila prabhupada when he was in his room he took his gold goblet and drink water he didn't touch the water, he drank the water from pouring it from height, he expressed ah Mayapur! Ah Mayapur, living or dying in Mayapur is all the same so I wondered how living in Mayapur and dying in Mayapur is same. He explained Mayapur is non different from Vrindavan so by living in Mayapur one lives in spiritual world and if you die in Mayapur you go back to spiritual world living in Mayapur or dying in Mayapur is all auspicious. This verse tells us how we should be strong in our fight against Maya. Maya wants us to engage in illusory activities when we chant hare Krishna we want to engage in the spiritual activities. Some of you can be at call if you are from Russia or Cis country. A group of scientists and professor came they were from Russia or Ukraine I don't remember, its a great chance to preach to them I only know a few words in Russia " spasibo---- not enough to explain Krishna consciousness. People come here and they want to know what we stand for. People now come but when the Tovp is finished more will come and we are happy that we have a community of so many different nations and Russian speaking community, its very much appreciated. So Lord Caitanya in Mayapur in the first sixteen years was as Nimai pandit and nimai pandit enjoyed the scholastic pastimes and he had a very good sense of humour and he kept himself covered by Yoga Maya until he hot initiated in Gaya and then he came back and he was different so before his initiation only a few people figured put that he was Krishna but naturally he was loved by all the people. I was in Delhi compiling the Caitanya book, there Lord Caitanya was marrying Laxmi priya and now we are talking about marrying Vishnu priya. At Laxmi priya wedding there were so many people who came to awe Lord Caitanya, it is said that the whole of navadvipa was flooded with Krishna Prema. There was a knock on my door then a person came in and said Mayapur is flooded. Srila prabhupada said that when Mayapur is flooded then Lord Caitanya wants the whole world to be flooded with Caitanya consciousness. One thing I missed most of all is to dance and chant in kirtan, you are very fortunate . you can dance and chant unlimitedly. I was sent a video of Moscow rath yatra there were so many vaishnavis who were dancing in the front , dancing in a very beautiful cultured way. Here you can also teach the local devotee of bharatnatyam style or what because they don't know how to dance so they either stand or jump but how to dance culturally that could be shown similarly you can learn from them how to make sukta, how to do ululation. It is said that during Lord Caitanya' s wedding all the pious ladies ululating they call it jaya Kara some were chanting jaya and some were ululating and the men's were chanting hari bol. All the bad influence get scared away. Like this we can be happy without gambling meat eating illicit sex and intoxication. chanting hare Krishna is our natural intoxication. And we don't gamble, we don't take meat fish egg, plenty of nice vegetarian preparation. In Delhi the sweet shop have Russian cake and Russian bread and in future we will have cultural embassy, we can have Ukrainian posht. Any question???? Question: grhasthas had to have the principle as the goal I didn't understand which principle is it taking care of child??? Answer: this is relation between husband and wife, having relation is not sinful but Srila prabhupada said that we should not force people someone said the principle that he gives in the book is only for procreation he said that keep that as the goal so this letter from Srila prabhupada gives a new perspective. Q2 well I was wondering whether you can ask Vyasadev but he was getting some of the elephant blood. The point is that the crocodile was in advantageous position being in the water and elephant being a land animal and being in that long in water was weakened so it is said that somehow the crocodile got some nourishment that means whether it meant the elephant blood of what I don't want bit the elephant got nothing. Q.3 its still in the material world. We chant bhur bhuva sva this was in the bhuloka and we live in bhuloka some of the residents of the bhuvar loka like the gandharvas they go to these places for heavenly enjoyment it is said that when the Gajendra died he got his four handed firm and could serve in Vaikuntha. In the spiritual world there is no danger in the material world there is danger in every step may be less danger in heavenly that can be relatively less it is said there were lions tigers they eat animals by killing then so there is still some Sanger in heavenly planets, beautiful place but you want to there or the spiritual world. That's what the fight that material nature gives its a war against Maya. Some religions they told that they will get heavenly delight and they are asked to do terrorist acts, probably they get hellish existence. Hellish existence means 90% suffering and 10% happiness. Heavenly has 90% enjoyment and 10% suffering roughly. Serving the Lord in spiritual world there is no suffering that's why we are trying to encourage everyone devotional service. Srila prabhupada said that many of his followers will go to heavenly planets. Here is nice description how there is mountain, rivers, valleys but there are tigers and also lions and also crocodiles. But the gandharvas may have some mystic powers that they can avoid these animals. What if they get cursed by some sage like the Huhu. The king of gandharva, he was cursed to he a crocodile then he for the blessings that he will be delivered by Vishnu. We want to just engage in service of Krishna. Heaven and hell is all the same if we don't have Krishna if we have Krishna we can be anywhere. Thank you very much spaaibo Transcribed by Rasa Priya Gopika Devi Dasi (26/AUG/2017)