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Book Marathon Adivas Talk @ Sri Mayapur Dham

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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[email protected]_Sri_Mayapur_Dham_Literal Version Muukam Karoti Vaacaalam Panggum Langghayate Girim | Yat-Krpaa Tamaham Vande Param-Aananda Maadhavam || Sri Caitanya Isvaram JPS: Ah… I offer my respectful Pankajangri and Bhakti Purusattam Swami and all the assembled devotees and all the book distributors. So Maharaj said some interesting things. bengali Translation He was saying how the Bengali wives in the presence of their husbands they will wear all kinds of ornaments. This reminded me that I am translating and combining all the books about Lord Caitanya into one book called Sri Krishna Caitanya just like the Krishna book, and I presently writing the part about the marriage of Lord Caitanya with Laxmipriya, and Laxmipriya she was finally decorated on her marriage day with gold and pearls and gems. She had earrings, nose-rings, necklace, bracelets, rings, nupurs and also she had on her waist kinkini… a golden chain on her waist. This can only be worn by thin-waisted woman. So Maharaj was saying how the temples which do book-distribution are like married woman and that the temples without book distributions are like widow temples, with no ornaments, interesting! Sankarshan Nitai Prabhu, he gave me credit that I encourage that all the devotees should be active, but I think that it was all the devotees being active that made all the difference. The devotees were leading the charge but all the devotees in Mayapur who were also active in book distribution also made a big distribution. We won only by 45,000 points. His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj said that he could have easily adjusted 45,000 points but he stayed nirapekya, neutral. So our sankirtan devotees if the think that they are the doers they won’t achieve too much. They have to like Arjuna, put themselves as instruments in Krishna’s hands. Nimitta matrena. So the supersoul is in everyone’s heart, and so now Prabhupada has brought in the golden age and now we just have to establish Prabhupada’s mercy, Lord Caitanya’s mercy all over the world. So here in Gaur Mandal Bhumi, cintamani dham, we should see that everyone should get Bhagavat Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrita. When we started the sankirtan we had this tempo travellers. We didn’t have any separate chassis, one whole bus, the body and the chassis were one. Prabhupada said, “I want 10,000 big books and 100,000 small books every month.” For us that was a big amount and the buses were running all the time, and there were big holes in the road. So I remember one bus I was riding on the front sit, and we were going from one city to the next, and we went over a bump and the whole front part of the body separated from the back and I was going back and the sit was going front. So I now saw the inauguration of new busses with chassis, wow! And Prabhupada sat in all the buses, Nareshwar was carrying Prabhupada and there were Pujas and ribbon cutting. So now our busses are first class. We were running on busses which were somehow or another running. So one thing is that this year the Ras Purnima is on the last days of November. So in Delhi all the devotees, they meet one month ahead and discuss how they are going to participate in the marathon and the President of the Delhi temple, he gets commitment from each department and each Namhatta and each ah… devotee how many books they are going to distribute in the marathon. We heard how the sankirtan department is having a four month marathon to please Prabhupad on his 50th anniversary, and so who wants to participate also in this book distribution yajna? Hari Bol… Hari Bol…. Ullu dhavani…. Hari Bol…. So please do your planning early and see how Srila Prabhupada’s book could be in every book of eastern India. Actually Prabhupada had extreme compassion, but he didn’t want to see all the people burning because they lost contact with Krishna. So he said that he ordered specifically to preach in the western countries, but he told all of you and us we should preach in India and eastern India. So I thank you all for your enthusiasm for raising your hand standing. Now, get together and plan out as Maharaj said, every department and every namhatta and every devotee, all they will distribute books in this end of the November, in Kartik, till the end of December. In Delhi one of… one elderly gentleman, he took a commitment to distribute 5000 books. It was coming to the end of the month and he hadn’t reached his goal yet. He would stand in front of cars and say, “run can me over but at least take a bhagavat gita.” (applause), and in this way he could reach his goal. Whether it takes the ladies to cry or made to laugh, somehow or the other give out books. Lord Caitanya gave us the instruction, “balo Krishn, bhajo Krishna Karo Krisha siksha” “chant the holy names of Krishna, worship Krishna and give out the teachings of Krishna” So the teachings of Krishna are the gita and bhagavatam. So these are to be distributed so that they can read. I was told not to speak too long, I just remembered now.

Transcribed by : Sadananda Krishnaprem Das Dibrugarh, 15-07-2016