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Caitanya Lila, Day 4

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Friday, March 18, 2011
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Hari bol!

Today I was supposed to speak on Lord Nityananda.

Prabhu Nityananda appeared in Ekachakra Graam. Ekachakra Graam is mentioned in the Mahabharata, because there the Pandavas stayed, and I think Bhima killed some demon. So that place... How many of you have visited Ekachakra Graam?

It is a place you should visit some time. There, there is the Anantasesha tree, Bokul tree, there is the Bankim Rai Mandir and there is the birthplace temple, what you call the Garbhavas and also the place where the Pandavas stayed as guests of the house. So, there are a quite a few interesting places to be seen there. ISKCON is also developing one temple there and we have some facilities. I haven’t visited it since I got sick and it looks like they have built some more facilities. So there, Lord Nityananda stayed till He was about 12 and His father was Hadai Ojha and mother was Padmavati. There is also the Padma Pukur. Padma Pukur was the bathing place of Lord Nityananda. So, still the devotees bathe in the Padma Pukur.

In the Caitanya Bhagavat, it says that as they were playing, Nityananda along with his friends would act up the dramas and those dramas they somehow knew by heart and Ram Lila and Krishna Lila and all the different avatars. So, when they were playing the Ram Lila one time, Nityananda was playing as Lakshman. So, at that time he was struck by the arrow of Indrajit, the son of Ravana, and he was unconscious. To save him there was only one plant that was on the Mandara mountain – the Sanjivani plant. So Hanuman was sent to try and get that plant. But he couldn’t figure out as the mountain was full of plants! He did not know which one to take, so he decided, “I’ll take the whole mountain to Ram.” So you see a picture of Hanuman carrying a mountain. And as he was carrying it, a piece of the mountain fell into the forest near Mookambika and we visited there with the Safari and there Shankaracharya had done some tapasya so that his dharma would spread all over India.

We also climbed over the hill and did some chanting so that Krishna consciousness would spread ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Hari bol! Hari bol! Hari bol! Lord Nityanada was playing the part of Lakshman, He was unconscious. At the time, the mother, Padmavati, came out and said, “Nitai, come home and take your prasad. It is time for lunch prasad! Everyone else got home except Lord Nityananda. He was lying down and she said, “What happened to Him?” He was unconscious. So they brought a doctor and the doctor said, “He looks all right, but He is unconscious. And then he brought His father Hadai Ojha and he(Nitai's Father) said, “Well, what happened?” They told him that Nitai got hit by an arrow of Indrajit.

“What happens in the Lila?”

“Well Lakshman becomes unconscious and they told that the Sanjivani plant has to be brought in by Hanuman.”

“So who played the role of Hanuman?” he(Hadai Ojha) asked. “Bring him here,” he said. So they brought the Hanuman and he brought some plant that they were playing with and put it on Nitai’s face and Nitai was REVIVED! Hari bol! So this drama was a serious business. All of them...

It is so heartbreaking to tell the pastime how Nityananda was taken away by a sanyasi. It suffices to say that He went to South India with the sanyasi and there He met Jaya Tirtha as well as Madhavendra Puri. Some say He took initiation from Jaya Tirtha, others say Madhavendra Puri. In any case at least He took from Madhavendra Puri. He was traveling around South India and He left a very strong impression on all the people that He met. So He spent many years in South India and from there He went to Vrndavana. And when He was in Vrndavana because He is Balarama, all the deer and cows they were all going to see Him.

They recognized their old friend and they came to the Govardhan Hill and there and He knew that Sridham was resting in the hill. So He called : Sridham! Sridham! Sridham! So Sridham came out from a cave in Govardhan Hill. He was there for 5000 years you know… Ha! Ha! Sridhama, because he was from the Dvapara Yuga, he was very big.

So he said, “Who are you?”

He(Balaram) said, “I am Balai.”

Sridham said, “Balai? But Balai is big.”

Balai said, “It is Kali yuga now; that is why I am short!”

Ha! Ha! Sridham was almost 7 feet tall.

So Sridham said, “If You are Balai, He was the only one who could beat me in a run around Govardhan. So I challenge You to a race, and I will see if you really are Balai or not. On your marks, get set GO!”

They start running and running and running; and they were running neck to neck! And they went to the other side and then the opposite side and then the third corner and Balai who was Nitai went ahead and finally HE WON! Hari bol!

And then Sridham said, “Okay, you are Balai.

“So, what are you doing here?” Sridham asked Balai.

He(Balai)said, “Well, Kanhaiya is now in Navadvipa and He is now doing His sankirtan lila, so would you like to join the lila?”

“Why not?” Sridham said.

Gurudev to the audience : Who of you here would like to join the lila?

Gurudev: Hari bol! Krishna Kanhaiya!

Audience : Krishna Kanhaiya!

Gurudev : Krishna Kanhaiya! Dauji ka Bhaiyya! When I say Dauji ka Bhaiyya, you say Krishna Kanhaiya! Men chant with me, and the ladies will respond!

Gurudev and Prabhus : Krishna Kanhaiya!

Matajis :Dauji ka Bhaiyya! Hari bol!

So this year on our safari we are going to Vrindavana. Hari bol! And we are very happy that Madhurya Kadambini and her drama troupe are also going to Vrindavana. They are mostly Russian, but a few are from other places.

Any way, Lord Nityananda told Sridham, “We will make you your Kali yuga size and your name will be Abhiram Ramdas,” and so He put His hand on his head and he shrunk down in size! So He and Abhiram came to Navadvipa together and if you were here when Radhanath Swami, he gave the history how Lord Caitanya had seen Nityanada. I don’t want to repeat as he gave a very nice account.

One day, Mother Saci said, “Last night, I had a dream that I was making an offering to Krishna Balaram and little Gaura Nitai balaks - small kids came, and Nityananda said “This is not Your offering, this belongs to Gaura, this is His yuga, Kali Yuga is His Yuga. So you should give the offering to Him. And then the real Nityananda ran up to Him and said, “I am hungry, feed me! I don’t know what is this dream she said. Then Lord Caitanya told Mother Saci, “Maybe we should invite Nitai over for lunch.” “Okay,” she said. So Nityananda was brought for lunch.

Lord Caitanya took the responsibility to feed Him; at that time, he was sitting on the other side of the Ganges, and He was playing with some children. So Lord Caitanya called him and said come over. So he came and Lord Caitanya said, “Mother Saci wants to cook lunch for you. He said “Great! So they were walking together back to the Yoga Pith, the house of Mother Saci and Jagannath Misra. Lord Caitanya told Nityananda, “Today, no funny business!”

“No funny business! Ha! Ha! Nitai said, me, oh no not me, I don’t do funny business You do funny business! Ha! Ha! I don’t do, You do! So, like this, the two were having their discussion. Mother Saci was very much enthusiastic to serve the two. So she had put down in the room next to the deity room she put down three big plates even though they were only two, in her excitement, in her ecstasy, she put down three! So there was a mound of rice surrounded by banana leaf cups of sabjis, dals. She called for more stuff to give to them. One time she saw there was not Nimai and Nitai but she saw Krishna and Balaram and when she saw Them, she fainted. That was too much! Then Lord Caitanya came and said, “Mother Saci! Mother Saci!” Then she woke up and she saw Nitai and Gaura, but all this was too difficult to digest. She ran to her room and locked the door and did not come out for the rest of the day. So who did the funny business?

Gurumaharaj to a devotee: Ram, who did the funny business? Ha! Ha! Who did the funny business? That is the question! Ha! Ha! So, like that everyday, they were having pastimes.

One day, Lord Caitanya told Srivas, “You should observe the Vyasa Puja for Lord Nityananda on His appearance day. So they did a Vyasa Puja ceremony, but whatever was offered to Nityananda, He would in turn offer it to Lord Caitanya. So like this there were many pastimes.

Later, when Lord Caitanya took sanyas, Nityananda was with Him. So Nityananda went to Jagannath Puri and also there in Jagannath Puri He took the sanyas danda of Lord Caitanya and broke it into three and he took them and put them in the river. So this is called the danda bhaanga nadi. They say that because Lord Caitanya had taken His sanyas from a sanyasi who was in the Shankara school but that He should have taken from a Vaishnava. So Nityananda made His Eka Danda into a Tridandi by breaking it into three parts! But Lord Caitanya was very upset and said I will go to Jagannath Puri alone! He ran alone and He came into the temple of Lord Jagannath.

Like this, one time... I have told this pastime---how Nityananda He took prasad from Gadadhara and Lord Caitanya joined them. So, like that, Lord Caitanya asked Nityananda that he should go back to Bengal and he should carry out the preaching there, because if he does not do that, all the work They had done in Bengal would be lost. So Lord Nityananda went back to Bengal and he started the Namahatta and he lived in a hut. Then he went travelling in Navadvipa and all over Bengal. He basically flooded Bengal with the Harinam sankirtan. Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!...So, like this, there were a number of pastimes of Lord Nityananda in Bengal.

Tomorrow is Gaura Purnima, so I don’t want to be up too late. Also, since the parikrama, my ability to speak in the night has somewhat reduced. That means to say that this year I intend to go on a Safari to Vrindavana, to Kurukshetra, to Siliguri and New Delhi. Whether I go to Gaya is not sure at this point. I was going to the Middle East, but there is some disturbance there, so they said not to go now. So I will go to Siliguri with the Safari. And I will come back here for Lord Rama appearance day, Rama Navami and also the Vyasa Puja on that Ekadasi. We might go to Tirupati for the Indian National Meetings. That is the basic program.

So we could take a couple of questions, then prasad and then Marici wants to address the devotees who are going on the Safari for two minutes. I will be in the room here, those who wish to speak to me. I will be there and the door will be open. So, any questions?

Lord Caitanya, when He came at that time it is said that here in Navadvipa people were practicing religion, but it was all not right. They wanted name and fame while they were actually practicing and not for satisfying Krishna. Lord Caitanya, when He came, it was lunar eclipse and everybody was in the Ganges and that day is tomorrow. So we will speak about that tomorrow. Hari bol! Any question?(no questions).