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Morning Class (Untitled)

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Tuesday, July 21, 1981
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Following is the class given by H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj on July 21 1981 in Sridham Mayapur, India. The class begins with the reading from S.B canto 2 chapter 2 text 24.

Vaisvanaram yati vihayasa gatah Susumnaya Brahma-pathena socisa Vidhuta-kalko tha harer udastat Prayati cakram nrpa saisumaram

Vaisvanaram- the cotrolling deity of fire ; yati- goes ; vihayasa- on the path in the sky ,the milky way ; gatah - by passing over; susumnaya - by the susumna ; Brahma- Brahmaloka ; pathena- on the way to ; socisa- illuminating ; vidhuta - being washed off ; kalko - dirt ; atha - thereafter ; harer- of Lord Hari ; udastat - upwards ; prayati - thus reach ; cakram - circle ; nrpa - o king ; saisumaram - name sisumara

Translation: O king, when such a mystic passes over the Milky Way by the illuminating Susumna to reach the highest planet, Brahmaloka , he goes first to Vaisvanara, the planet of the deity of fire, wherein he becomes completely cleansed of all contaminations, and thereafter he still goes higher, to the circle of Sisumara, to relate with Lord Hari, the personality of Godhead.

Purport: The polar star of the universe and the circle thereof is called the Sisumara circle, and therein the local residential planet of the personality of Godhead (Ksirodakasayi Visnu) is situated. Before reaching there, the mystic passes over the Milky Way to reach Brahmaloka, and while going there he first reaches Vaisvanara Loka, where the demigod controls fire. On Vaisvanara- Loka the yogi becomes completely cleansed of all dirty sins acquired while in contact with the material world. The Milky Way in the sky is indicated herein as the way leading to Brahmaloka, the highest planet of the universe. This is the completion of the purport of text 24 chapter 2 Canto 2 of the S.B. This is spoken I think to Maharaj Parikshit.

So here we are discussing how a transcendentalist proceeds out of this universe. Choice is there to the transcendalist how far he wants to go. At any point he can stop(Sneeze). If a yogi is fully fixed on Krsna then he crosses over all of these levels and goes to Krsna. But if someone as it mentions earlier wants to enjoy certain material mystic powers then he has to take with him subtle mind and intelligence and senses for doing such activities. Here it describes one may reach Maharloka . Previously may be it describes Maharloka. Anyways it describes one may reach the Maharloka also which is a great planet of realized souls like Bhrigu muni and others. That is also destroyed at the end of the day of Brahma. At that time they transfer themselves to the Satya Loka and from there they are able to stay until the end of the universe. When Lord Brahma's life is finished the Satya Loka is finished. So here it mentions the Visnu loka Susumna. This Susumna , excuse me that's called the Sisumara. Sisumara does not destroy at the end of this universe. And if he fixes His mind on Krsna , he goes to Krsna. So King Kulashekhara , he prays that his mind when now being focused on Krsna that he may now be able to leave his body because at the time of death it is very difficult. At the time of death 107 fever may come, voice gets choked up Gau..Gau..Gau..Gau.. . How one can chant the Holy Name then? So king Kulashekara he was requesting let him just now leave his body and go back to Krsna with his full consciousness fixed on Krsna. At the time of natural death, his mind may not be so able to be fixed. Devotee should be afraid of this material nature. This is a necessary part of advancement. Those who are too proud, they think that well let me delay my departure, let me just first of all make so many material arrangements, then later on I will just make some arrangement to go back to Krsna. They are great fools. They don't know how tricky Maya is. Maya is very powerful. daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī mama māyā duratyayā mām eva ye prapadyante māyām etāṁ taranti te Tanslation: This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it. It is difficult to cross over Maya. Only if one fixes to take the shelter of krsna it is possible. So who can say when they are going to leave this body? Can you say when you are going to leave your body? Badri ,at what age you will leave? You can give guarantee? My mother asked me that why you don't become a sadhu when you are an old man? When I first joined she came and tried to convince me , I should go back to my family. I told my mother that you can give me a written guarantee or any kind of guarantee how long I am going to live; then I could consider. Ofcourse my mother she couldn't give any definite date, which should be the departure date. I said I may die next week, I may die in one minute or one year. So that if I am going to die in one year that means I am very old now. So I have to spend my one year very wisely. Now I have to become so much worth as to krsna to ensure me reaching His Lotus feet. So devotee, is using every second thinking this may be my last. Let me use this last minute to reach Krsna. It's an easy way to reach Krsna. But if we are thinking I may be very old, so now I can take so many plans for my material happiness and then in the end, i will simply wind up with a little intense Hari seva. We may not have enough time in our hands. Who can say? Even one performs devotional service , he may not finish. That doesn't matter. whatever he did , he never loses. From there he again begins. He gets eternal credit. This is a very tying facility given by Krsna. So in this way we should consider how to use our time wisely. Every minute we should consider that our time is limited. It is not unlimited. If we waste our time how much money we can give to get back 10 minutes. 1 lac of rupees can buy 10 minutes? (GM to someone)"Don't put the books down, people are walking there.Touch it to your head. You come to the temple, instead of the susunga path, you want to go to naraka path, Huh?". Second time I will remind it to you, not to put your books down where the feet go . Know that Bhagwatam, it says if you keep in your house ,all the demigods , they come daily and offer their obeisances to Bhagwatam. It is an incarnation of Krsna in book form and if we are putting it just on our feet, then this is our great offense, on putting it where we are walking. Specially people from India should know where to. So here we are. This is the path ,back to home, back to godhead. I was telling today how to get back to home. Here He is giving all the sign words and you memorize the path?? When you leave your body, now you know which way to go? So you should study this. Ofcourse the real thing is that, all this is very complicated for the yogis. They have to remember all these different levels. But for the devotee its simple. Devotee simply fixes his mind on Krsna. Unless he gets krsna then he doesn't stay anywhere. A devotee if he gets to any other planet and if he thinks 'O very nice place, maybe I 'll stay here.' Then he don't go further. So this is the thing. We should know where is Krsnaloka. And if we go to any other loka, then we should be continually thinking about Krsnaloka, that will take us there. This Krsna , He will satisfy our desire and by that desire also we'll be purified (coughs). In the Brhad Bhagwatam it is described how the devotee goes to different planetery system sometimes, finally reaching the Holy Dham of the lord and being transferred to the spiritual sky, Goloka Vrindavan. So Krsna is waiting for the devotee to come. Krsna is waiting. How long you are taking? When you are going to come back to me? But we are taking the delay. We are dragging our feet. We are not thinking that Krsna is waiting. We are thinking about so many other things. We should be running to Krsna. So how we run is we should always be absorbed in service. We shouldn't think how I can reduce my service and get a little peace. We should be thinking how to always stay fully engaged about little more than what we are able to do even, so that there is no scope for Maya to enter in. As soon as there is little time for contemplating and thinking, immediately we think about our senses, “O my senses are not satisfied, I need so many things to satisfy my senses”. But when we are so full with service, then there is no time to think. That's why like the Jagannath Rath Yatra, there are very nice program. Such festival when we have, usually there is so much service to be done. No one can think about any sense gratification. They simply have to work day and night to get the festival fulfilled. Then after the festival is over, then we should maintain that same enthusiasm. Not that then, we lose our enthusiasm, because Maya then again will try to enter. Devotee may, his relaxation is chanting, hearing , discussing with devotees for short time. Then immediately back into the preaching. This is the devotees life you see. This is the samadhi of action. Arjuna was a great politician, great king, family. But when Krsna offered him that you should simply sit down and meditate. He said 'No, i have to be active. Then Krsna told him about the process of Bhakti Yoga. You always be engaged in my service. So those who are active people, they should take advantage of this Bhakti-Yoga path and simply absorb themselves in service. Other point to note here is that one is going always upward. That is the goal, to reach the highest planet. This is a real yogi, the real transcendentalist. In this world, people they don't know what is up and what is down. They are thinking that sex life is an advantage. The whole world is running after sense gratification. But actually that is simply being absorbed our mind to materialistic concept of life. Whole world is simply running after so many imagined solutions to their imagined problems or real problems. But no real solution is ever achieved, because they don't know what is up and what is down. What is our real advancement , what is real degradation. Bhagawan , Sri Krsna is therefore come down and given us the light, so we can know which way to go. So we should try to follow His instructions. We should follow the footsteps of His great devotees and engage in Krsna Consciousness wholeheartedly. So the more we can chant and the more we can encourage others to chant, become instruments in the hands of the lord, more we will feel His transcendental presence. This should be our attempt. Simply be an instrument in the hands of the lord. That is the real freedom. That yogi can move over willingness, that materialist cannot do so. So real freedom comes in surrendering to Krsna. A devotee is free to go in different places or to go back to Krsna. But materialist , he is limited to simply his karmic reactions. So real freedom means to be the servant of Krsna. So they enter into the real free life. Life of eternal service to Krsna. Jai shri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu Nityanand Sri Advait Gadadhar Srivas adi Gaur Bhaktavrinda. Hare Krsna Hare krsna krsna krsna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

Questions ? Yogis going by the mechanical process of controlling the pranayama and the living force, but the pure devotee , he may chant Hare Krsna and go upto _____(34.50) or he may go up different ways, fixing his mind on Krsna, chanting Hare Krsna, he goes back to Krsna. It's not dependant on any mechanical process. Krsna says, “my devotee shall never perish”. Even a devotee doesn't finish his business , krsna still helps him in many ways. Eventually he will reach , definitely. Pure devotee goes to Krsna. He doesn't have to go out anywhere.

Question______(36.10) GM: No the point is that when you are preaching and depending on Krsna then at that time you are becoming an instrument of Krsna's hand. So then you are feeling transcendental happiness. You are cheating yourself that you are not able to always be instrument. That's why preaching is very purifying, therefore everyone is recommended to do maximum preaching. The more we can be as an instrument in Krsna's hand by fully surrendering to Him, that is our perfection. So even if for a moment you are feeling transcendental happiness, how is that cheating if you tell someone about that or if you, at that moment you are also inspiring that person. It is only due to the lack of advancement you are not able to maintain that. But very soon you will reach, as soon as all the type of unwanted desires are cleansed from the heart, then you reach the fixed stage, where that happiness, that enthusiasm is unwavering, that is called Nishtha and then beyond that one will get, sometimes we get the taste, devotion is very nice and then we lose the taste for a little while then again we get it. That means we are still in the clearing plane. We are still clearing out so many offences. It may take long years of clearing. That depends on how much we are able to put ourself in the fire. But every time we are getting that little taste , that's also clearing up so much more. It describes when a devotee is sometimes jumping and dancing, and clapping the hands(sound of clap) or smiling before the Jagannath, the deity , that by clapping the hands and smiling, that is like the bird's group eating in the rice field, you clap your hands(sound of clap) they fly off. Then all the sins are destroying off just like birds from the heart. So like that if someone is doing services gradually one is reducing the load. But when our load is completely reduced then we reach higher and higher platforms and then one doesn't, one simply goes from better to more better. He doesn't go from a mediocre to better. It's always a ecstatic platform and even sometimes it becomes more intense and more intense. You see just like when you are riding a 10 speed bicycle. You know bicycle? You are at 10 speeds. ________(40.05) and then you go as far as you can go right?, then you go to the second , then it seems little harder at first, then you go up, then third, you are pedalling like this . So, one reaches a certain level of advancement and then suddenly he gets a little wind or little boost he goes up you see. Then what happens is, he is again shifting gear and then he thinks ‘O’ and then as one goes to other services he is thinking that this is little hard, then from there again someone pushes up and in this way he goes higher and higher. What you think is difficult now was impossible for you a year ago and one year from now what you think is difficult, now you won't think that you could even do it. In this way one is going on you see. Prabhupad working day and night at such an advanced age, preaching, why? because he is on the transcendental platform. So what we should do, we should pull ourselves by that drive that eagerness to always taste that pleasure of doing some sincere service for Krishna. If you see someone enthused in Krishna Consciousness, why you are feeling happy? Krishna is happy. Especially in preaching even, one overcomes so many offences. Thats why one gets a special feeling . Ordinary service does not do so much.

Any question¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬________(42.32) GM: There is a many meanings..but the highest meaning is that Mahamantra is Krsna Himself. _____(42.47)

GM: Same, non different. You go on chanting and you will feel it. ______(43.00) Just like in kirtan you were dancing, but you were dancing one two, one two and chanting little loud, but they are chanting very loud and jumping. So if you jump a little bit or you sometime you feel the urge to dance, if you chant loudly and more and more you put yourself in fire, then you more and more experience that how krsna is so powerful. How krsna can change the simple life of all the people. So I would request just chant and dance. Don't think what other people are thinking, just go on absorbing oneself in krsna. _____(44.09)

GM: Because krsna is with Shakti. There is always a Shakti and Shaktiman. Just like Laxmi-Naryana , Sita-Ram , Radha - krsna. _____(44.27) GM: You see if you worship the shakti then it is more easy to achieve the shaktiman. First of all Shaktiman is never alone. You never find Krsna alone . He is always with a devotee. Either cow, cowherd boy or gopi. Someone is with Him. He is never alone. Shakti is always surrounding the Shaktiman. Just like can you worship sun without sunlight ? There is sun but no sunlight. Is it possible? Have you ever seen the sun without sunlight? Why you want to see Lord without devotee? Sun means it must have a sunlight. So sunlight and sun is not different. Yet there is difference. Now sun is coming here but can I say sun is here? So there is difference. So sun and sunlight , they are always connected. They are inseperable. So Shakti and Shaktiman are inseperable. So we worship Shakti because by mercy of the potency of Krsna, His devotee Radha , She is very compassionate. By their mercy we can easily get the mercy of Krsna. Mayavadi idea, type of tinge is that alright I'll worship the lord but not, because they don't understand why Lord will have a women with Him? Women means Maya. So why Lord is having women? She is not ordinary women. Shakti..Shakti means transcendental potency . Krsna is not a men neither His consort a women. He is the Parama Purusha. She is the Hladini Shakti. Just like the sun makes the sunlight, Krsna makes the shakti. And the shaktis serve Him but that is not like we find in this material world. It is a seperate relationship which is described in the Bhagwatam and in other Caitanya Caritamrita ,and these things can be only understood by liberated souls. They can understand that Krsna's pastimes with gopis or with Radha or with the queens of Dvaraka have nothing to do with material activity. _____(47.19)

GM: We are following Caitanya Mahaprabhu and He told us to chant Hare Krishna first. (47.49) GM: It says if someone who doesn't have the shelter of Lord Caitanya, he will not be able to overcome the offences. Hare Krishna_____(48.05 to 48.32) GM: This process was especially taught by Caitanya Mahaprabhu. So His advice is to chant ‘Hare Krishna’ first. This will help to have one avoid the offences. One can chant the name of Krsna and commit offences, he can chant for even thousand births and more and he won't achieve the success. So this process, one hand is chanting, other hand is avoiding offences. This has been described that you get the seed of devotion, Bhakti lata beej. So process is one hand watering the seed. What is the water? _Maali hoye sei beej kare aaropan ,sravana kirtana Jale karaye sechan. The sechan means Sravanadi . Shravana ,Kirtan. Shravana, Kirtan, Smarana,Vandana, Pada sevanam, Dasya, Sakhyam, Atma nivedanam._ Nava bhir bhakti_. This is the watering. So one one hand we are watering, other hand we are pulling the weeds. We are taking out the offences. If we only water and don't take out the offences , then what will be the effect? If you have a rice field and you are putting fertilizer, in your paddy field you are putting water but you are not weeding, how much rice you will get? The whole field will become overrun with grass. So there also be the weeding process. People want to do the dharma, but not to stop doing unauthorized activity. So dharma will give them more energy, but they use the energy to do more unauthorized activity. Then they are not going, they are not able to reach krsna even for thousand births. Therefore one has to take the shelter of bonafide spiritual master who can take out what are the defects. As the defects are reduced, just like you take little bit of weeds out, so much more the rice will grow. And unrestricted that you leave all the grass grow and the rice grow. The grass will smother out the rice. Even after some time, dharma will also stop. So there has to be the weeding process. So Caitanya Mahaprabhu is giving the signs how to chant, how to avoid the offences. There is two type, one is offence against the Vaisnava, Sastra, devotees. Guru aparadha is aparadha. One other is weed. These two type of thing has to be avoided. So by chanting Hare Krishna first, this helps us to avoid different offences. We follow Caitanya Mahaprabhu , by His mercy, by His kripa we can proceed quickly. That is His special mercy. Krishna says sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ __Translation: Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear. You must surrender fully unto me, you see, giving up all type of other dharma, other responsibilities and I will deliver you from all the reaction to your sinful activity, but, that's very difficult to do. So Caitanya Mahaprabhu , He is the most merciful incarnation of Krishna. If one simply fully chants Krsna's names, fully tries to chant , has even the desire and tries by chanting always as much as possible Hare Krishna, mahamantra, then by Lord Caitanya's mercy, he is delivered to Krsna. So in the Vedas it gives also, both, Hare Rama first and Hare Krishna first and the Santana Upanishad it gives Hare Rama first. In other puranas it gives Hare Krishna first. So those who are following Caitanya Mahaprabhu, they chant Hare Krishna first. That, we always chant Caitanya's name first then we chant Hare Krishna because we want His help. Otherwise it may take us long time to reach, due to our offences. We are not so perfect in our chanting. We are not Sarva dharman Parityajya, although we are chanting, so many mistakes we are making also. So therefore we need Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu's special help. So those who are chanting Hare Krishna without, we can see that although they are chanting, but you compare them and those who are the followers of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, what speed the advancement is being made. Although they are chanting their whole life they still sometime they can't stop taking bidis and so on so forth. Then? Look at even in the western countries people are chanting for short time and whole life is changed. That means the process is effective. Just like now how does a doctor get big fame in this world? Any doctor if he can cure cancer today, he will become a famous doctor, isn't it? Why? (54.34) Because cancer is incurable disease. So who is there that he is ever able to cure and make pure devotees of Krsna from the western people. Here British invaded India 200 years. How many britishers became pure devotees of Krishna while they were in India. May be they was somebody but you can count them on one hand, if any I don't know, I have never heard. In 200 years, how many? Famous, very hard to find any. So how is it Srila Prabhupad was able to make so many people. Because Caitanya Mahaprabhu's potency is there. Not only Prabhupad, even His Guru made German and British also devotees. Few. He didn't go abroad, therefore He couldn't make more. So those potency, of Caitanya Mahprabhu is to destroy offence. If someone already is pure, then very quickly he makes advancement. Actually Vallabhacharya from, He personally took Caitanya Mahaprabhu in His house and gave Him prasadam. ___Not audible (56.15)He is a great Acharya. No He is in Gujarat. He went preaching in Gujarat. Actually I don't think He is originally from Gujarat, but he went preaching there. He took shelter in the Visnuswami sect and he went to Jagnnath Puri and he met Lord Caitanya several times, its in Caitanya Caritamrta. He is a great devotee. _____(56.45) GM: "What other programs are pending now"? Authorised and unauthorised. _____(56.55) GM: That you are doing politics for your own sense gratification, for your community, for your state or for your nation? Then on the ultimate, absolute vision it is unauthorized. And if you are doing it for Krsna then it is authorized. This is absolute vision. For that you have to, Sadhu, Sastra, Guru. You have to analyze by the scripture, that is what is being done according to the scripture. It is sanctioned by the Guru, by the spiritual master. Just like and it is authorized by other saintly people also. Just like Candragupta, the great king of North India , how he was able to conquer so much. He was always following His Guru. Bali Maharaj followed his Guru and so his political endeavour was able to conquer the whole universe. But Indra dev when He disobeyed his guru , then he was kicked out of the Indraloka. So unauthorized artha Sadhu, Sastra , Guru. But, Bali Maharaj and Indra, they both had material desires. They wanted to do politics for the material purpose, while Yudhisthir, he and Arjuna you can see from Gita, he had no desire. I don't want the kingdom, no need. Krsna said that you should do it for me. Because I want you to establish a Krsna Conscious kingdom. You see, if one is actually doing for krsna to establish krsna consciousness, then you see. If authorized by Krsna, krsna also wants them, that is truly authorized in all respect, that is Bhakti yoga and other, that is like the karma yoga. They are doing it under the authorization of the Guru. But it is not exactly, perfectly without the personal consideration. But whatever personal consideration is there, is ultimately being offered to the cause of Dharma, to the Guru. Not audible(59.52) Krsna says in Gita,_ 'napnuvanti mahatmanah ,samsiddhim paramam gatah'_. He won't come back. Question : When we forget Krsna , when we forget service of Krsna, we fall down in this material world. Isn’t it? GM: We weren't in Krsna loka then. Question: we weren't in Krsna where were we? GM: Generally speaking living entities are in the Brahmajyoti. From Brahmajyoti they want to do action, they don't know about Lord's dham, so they decide that I want to enjoy and they go to the material world. Reaching Krsna Loka is highest abode. People may fall down from the borders of Vaikuntha and this Brahmajyoti. Once having returned____(1.00.48) once burned. Once you burn yourself , just like sometimes people say, they see sign, wet paint. Right , then generally you see any sign, wet paint. They always go like this. Paint is there, wet paint. But then they have to just see for myself, is it still wet? And then stick all white..accha..then again they won’t touch.but why they touch the first time? It says, wet paint. This is our nature. To be little inquisitive. If I say don't go there.. why not? What is there? Why shouldn't I go there? But if you there and you get beat , then you don't go again. Sometimes father tells the son, you don't do this action. If son decides well father is saying, but why he is saying, some curiosity some, he goes anyway and then he gets into trouble. The intelligent person, he won't do the same mistake again. O lord forgive me , I made a big mistake. Like that. So somehow he comes in this material world. But once he gets out, Hare Krishna , never he comes back. One time you may make a mistake, but twice you won't make a mistake. ______(1.02.14) No Action means? Question: Some Brahmavadi, they want to go to Brahmaloka, Brahmajyoti and want to merge themselves in the jyoti. So whether they can work for Krsna from there?

GM: No nothing, no work nothing , Nirakar.

Question: so they merge in Krsna?

GM: Merging in brahmajyoti and merging in Krsna is the same thing , more or less. Devotees, they reject this merging. Merging is the 5 type of mukti, Sayuja, Salokya, Samipya, Sanidhya, Svarupya , and the devotees , they reject this Sayujya. Sayujya means merging. It is more relishable to have Krsna as one’s son, to have Krsna as one’s master or one’s friend or one’s lover. Why would one want to merge with Krsna? That is like a spiritual suicide or to merge with his effulgence. _______(1.3.32) They float in the brahmajyoti. They lie as one of the particle there for so long. Then when, how long can they stay there? Just as a piece of light, then again they, either, generally they come down because they don't know better, so again they come down. Question: _____ Not Audible (1.04.03)

GM: You see, just like, when Parikshit Maharaj was cursed to die, at that time there were so many sages and munis present and he asked this one question that I have seven days to live. What should be my code of action in these seven days, so that I can reach to the highest destination and ofcourse there were brahmavadis, there were jnanis, yogis, bhaktas. They were all types of rshis and munis , and each have their own path of karma, jnana , different proposals naturally they all have. So in this way it was a very critical situation because at that point Parikshit Maharaj, he was open to accept one person as his ultimate Siksha Guru. At that time complete shelter and he would follow Him for last seven days. Even Narada and Vyasadeva were present , but they weren't at that time saying anything. So in this way there was a discussion being held amongst them that who will be the one to give the instruction. At that moment Sukadeva Goswami, He entered to that sabha and everyone stood up except for his father Vyasadeva and Narada, the father of His Guru, the Guru of his father , and Sukadeva, he was a liberated soul from birth and he had received instruction about Krsna by Vyasadeva and also seen Krsna even in the womb of his mother. So then everyone unanimously said that let Sukadeva should instruct Parikshit. He is the liberated soul of the highest order and then Sukadeva, he spoke this Bhagwatam. So, there are all levels of ethics according to different standards of realization of Absolute Truth. Just like it says in the Bhagwatam , Sukadeva described that Vadanti tat tattam vidan , tattam yaj jnan mad bhayam , brahmeti, paramatmeti bhagawan iti shabdyate The different seers of truth have described the nomenclature of Absolute to be Brahman, Paramatma or Bhagwan. But they are all, is non-different Absolute truth but difference seers they are seeing in different realization. So according to one's realization, those who do not have this Absolute realization, these three are absolute. Then there are again so many other types of instruction according to Satya, rajya tham..relative, relative instructions. More of niti and nyay vichar would be given. So just like that , Sukadeva Goswami, he was expected to be the authority because he had seen Bhagawan, that means he also knew Paramatma and Bhagwan. He had already realized Brahman and he also realized Paramatma and Bhagawan. He knew all the three. When he was only Brahmavadi, he didn't know Bhagwan. But by mercy of Vyasadev, he could realize all the aspect of Absolute truth. He was thoroughly conversant with the material world and the spiritual world, everything. So, when one is only partially conversant, naturally there will always be a point, when one would become confused what to do, what not to do. Comment ____(1.09.33)

GM: You see the point is one should, the real straight way is one takes the shelter of the higher authority. Just like in a court of law they are taking two lawyers, both have the arguments. Both have the law book and they are presenting before the judge. The judge is considered to be a more senior person. And any case, even sometimes the lawyers are more highly paid. But ultimately the judge, because he will study the law books, and according to the authority of the law books, he will give the verdict , you see. So that, he also gives reference of other cases. So law books means, what the law is there , it is the sastra. And the verdict of other cases, this is like what other sadhus, mahajanas have said it and done at other times. This is also a type of evidence. So it the duty of such judge to know all these things. So the guru, he has to be conversant with what is the, that particular sastra has so many different branches. So there might be Medical Guru, there might be Astra Guru, for Warfare and so on. But when one comes into the spiritual. There’s also the spiritual scriptures are there. Bhagvad Gita, Upanishad , Srimad Bhagwatam . These are the spiritual line. This upasana kanda, karma kanda. Different Kandas. So when one comes into the spiritual line, then, there is also a special scripture for that and one is conversant with those scriptures and with those instructions, then he is inside of everything , that is the most subtle of all the sciences of Vedas. Atmavijnan , to know the self. Athato Brahma Jijnasa. That is the goal of the Vedanta sutra. To inquire into the Absolute truth. So , therefore one has to have Bonafide Spiritual Master who is conversant with the spiritual nectar. To be able to be sure. Even one himself may think, that this is that way, but it should be confirmed. On my own idea, I may be wrong. Why should one take the risk? One slight mistake and then one is in a great difficult situation. Bali Maharaj, he made a mistake. He lost everything, in terms of his Guru's wish. Of course , Bali Maharaj had a materialistic Guru, he didn't have a Spiritual Guru. So his Material Guru gave him instruction how to become powerful in the material world. But in ultimate issue, when it came to choice, to follow krsna, or to follow his Materialistic Guru, at that time he didn't follow the instructions of Sukracharya, he followed Krsna. So he lost his material position temporarily. But he gained again more than what he had. But he achieved eternal liberation from Krsna. And he also achieved eternal association of Krsna. And later, then, his guru also admitted that he was influenced by some material consideration. What had been done was correct. So one has to find such a spiritual master that doesn't have any material consideration. Then he always give the objective and absolute advice. What is to be done, what is not to be done. So what I feel, I feel still part of your question is unanswered. May be you can clarify. _____(1.13.50) I don't understand exactly what you mean. You mean at that time you don't need a Guru. Guru means, he is the person who has already authorized. Someone, unless he is himself discarded, some unauthorized anartha, then how will he be able to many people will tell you, do this, don't do that. But then they themselves are doing the same thing. Don't do. So no one thinks why I should follow this person? These are nonsense. So the Acharya means, has to show by example. Unless he is able to do , then how he can cause others to do. Even he if he say, but that won't be taken so seriously. So one has to come to that platform where he no longer performs unauthorized action. So in the beginning that's difficult to, therefore Krsna says in Gita, one should do by Abhyas. By practicing, by regular practicing, just like we are saying if you chant Hare Krishna every day, some good ways counting or at least a fixed number then, this is a type of practice, one practices avoiding. Offering the food to Krsna and then taking prasadam, one practices in bowing down before the deity, before the Guru you see. Immediately the mind may not have such a faith. That who is Krsna, why I should bow to, so alright shall, explanation is given, krsna is the lord. You should bow down. You are dependant on Him. Still in our heart we are not feeling such a humility yet. But still we should bow down. When we know that this is the actual proper thing to do. Authorized thing to do , we should bow down. By bowing down, we realize..O’ this is very nice , to be bowed down before Krsna. Our mind is keeping us from realization. So when we actually act in the authorized way, then whether or not our mind could understand or not in the beginning. We transcend the mind. Sometimes people think first I have to fully realize everything and then I will do it. But that is not the correct way. First we should satisfy ourselves with our intelligence, not blindly we should do, but we should be satisfied with our intelligence, but even the full faith or the full mentality may not be formed. Still we should practice. By practicing, the mind is purified. Because due to so much contact with the materialistic action, our mind is become sinful in nature. Therefore intelligence is better than mind. Intelligence may understand these things but mind will resist. Mind will always come up with so many ideas, so many doubts. But by just practicing and then approaching authority and then whatever doubts come we discuss, but continuing with the practices, the mind becomes washed. Just like the mind is described like a mirror, consciousness is like the mirror. If the mirror is dirty, we are looking on it. We won't see. Will we see our face clearly? Hmm? Will we see our face clearly? So we have to clean the mirror. So last night I was saying that Bhajan. Ceto darpana marjanam, bhava maha davagni nirvapanam

So ceto is darpana. Like a mirror and that marjanam means to cleanse it ,with what? With the sankirtanam. And what does that do? Bhava maha davagni nirvapanam. Bhava means birth and death. So many births we have taken, why we get this body? That means our previous birth we had some desire to enjoy in a certain way. So, according to our desires, we are given a body. Why one man is given a body in a rich family or in a pious family, and someone is given in a harijana family or In a family, or in an animals body? That desire is such, they wanted to live in such a way. Even in the rich families today who are engaging in so much drinking and so much illicit activity, they don't have to take birth in such a high family to enjoy those things. Next birth they will get such a birth where they can do those things unrestricted because there are so many social restrictions in a good family. So they are born in a family, so they can go on unrestrictedly. So according to ones desire, one is getting a certain body. But then that is a karma. But what if he transcends that you see, materialistic desire that rebirth. This desire is like the forest fire, like a aagun, burning us. So by chanting, cleansing the consciousness, no matter what once birth may be. He transcends that and then first fire is put off. So some consciousness are more filled with dust. The more one is in sattva guna, the less dust is there. Still some dust is there, that has to be cleansed up. The last materialistic consideration when it is cleansed up, then one can see him in pure self and bhagawan in a full knowledge. That's why we are requesting that people should practice. They should make the family into a Krsna Conscious family. If Krsna is in the centre. Just like the governor told me that he had in his family every morning when...would come they would all say Jai Shri Krishna to all the members, then they would go. Right from the very birth they have been trained that they have to have Krsna in the center. But of course it goes even more than just saying Jai Shri Krishna. That's the beginning. That's more than the beginning, that’s an advanced stage , no doubt. But then, the science of actually cultivating that to the perfectional platform. But one can also be feeling always the transcendental happiness in serving Krsna. This is required in society. So those who are little pious, who are responsible it’s for the them to show the example to lead the way. So what happens is that some basic faith is there in Krsna, basic understanding, but in the fine point, what is material, what is spiritual, what is divine, what is Maya, this distinct line is very hard to cut unless one has the vision. Where the material attachment end and where the spiritual world begin. What happens is that and the more one becomes distant from the shelter of scripture and from the understanding of Siddhanta, conclusion of the scripture, from guidance of bonafide spiritual master, it becomes easy and at that time it becomes a ritual to do these things. But why one has to do it, what is the meaning, what is the purpose, gradually one forgets and so what happens is that the ritual then also is gradually, then after two three generation, why am I doing it. I don't know we are doing it, then they are thinking why am I doing it? They stop doing. Just like you find that in Gujarat most of the high class Gujarati, they are all vegetarian. Not only Gujarati, in India in general, that are all vegetarian. But Patels and other Gujarati when they go to America, most of them give up vegetarianism. In Nairobi, they stay vegetarian. Because there is a very big community of Gujaratis. When you to America , I have seen 80%, 90%, they start eating meat, even cow meat. Although they are Gujarati family, if they come back home they don't follow. Because why? They have separated from the tradition that ritual is there within a community. There is social bind is there. But they don't know why is that they are supposed to be vegetarian, because the while Gujarat has become Vaisnava state practically, due to the preaching of Vallabhacharya and other great Acharyas, they have. So everyone is worshipping Krsna. Krsna is being offered the Prasad, and they are eating the prasadam. In this way everyone is vegetarian. But because some where along the line, the reason why in philosophy there must have been some neglect, otherwise why when they are going out on their own, they are only Gujarati in some place in America. Then their boss is saying "have one hamburger" so many I see, then they feel very embarrassed . Then when one doesn't know the reason, they think why why cant I eat it.what is the harm, why not, then that get angry you see. They never say that in India, because..they don't know. Than I explain this is why, there is karma and so many things, then Accha, I won't do anymore. So that person you see, once he has the knowledge then he will do it. So the trouble, is that just the ritual alone somehow or the other one is practicing but if doesn't have knowledge, so what happens in time of distress, or in time of pressure he may leave it. Because he doesn't have the knowledge. So jnana and vijana. The knowledge, the application of the knowledge, both have to be there. So they may the knowledge, I shouldn't do. But Tijuana, why I shouldn't do, they don't know. So when they get alone, they know I shouldn't do , but why? Then the pressure of Maya is so great, they feel never mind. I won't do. So that'swhy in India people know jnana. But from jnana comes the vijnana. They know so many things about Krsna, but the detail signs of it, why, how its coming, why its necessary. This thing Gradually somehow in many places people are forgetting and it becomes simply tradition. So then the modern schools, there is no religious teachings in the school. Simple science, simply also bad character they are learning only politics. Drinking, smoking, mother and father are not there at boarding school. They have so many illicit activities. They are learning, just of bad activity. So naturally then they also in the science class, they are telling them, procreation is done by chemicals, man can Make immortal by 2020 years. Don't worry it’s going to happen for sure. So many bluffs they are giving and actually they are studying to doubt. What is actually Indian culture. This doesn't have any scientific basis. This is ruining the country so on and so forth and then they start to not follow. But do they actually know what is the real explanation of Vedas? Or have they ever have known? They don't. Therefore they are being misled by this propaganda. So that's the jnana they have some knowledge. But they didn't have the vijnana to fight this so called vijnana of the modern . So one can see that what is the limitation if the material science, what is the beginning of the spiritual science. Then one can know what to do, what not to do. That is the whole thing, not that one should only be dependent on Guru, every time I want to do something, ask him I want to do this. No instruction is to give light. In the future I will be able to know myself what to do and what not to do and thats clear. If I come upon some unknown situation that I am not familiar with, what the scripture, or Guru wants then I may just confirm that….

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