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NMP Day 02 03 Champahatti Hindi Party

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Thursday, March 6, 2014
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140306 - NMP Day 02 - Champahatti - Hindi Party

mukam karoti vachalam pangum langhayate girim yat-kripa tam aham vande shri-gurum dina-taranam Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Iswaram

Hari Om tatsat.

Aap log ko acha lagta hai?

I am not convinced. (Haribol!!!!!). What is this Haribol? This is Gaur Dham. You should say Gauranga! Acha lagta hai.

So this place is a very sacred place. At the time of Krishna’s avatar this was also there and it is eternally there. So here Champakalata had a secret champa gardens. No one knew where she always got very excellent champa garlands. This is the place. So after Krishna and Champakalata and Ashta sakhi went back, after Radha and Krishna went back to Golok Vrindavan, the champak trees are still here. So they started to sell those flowers. As a result the name Champahatti is the market of the champa flowers.

And thousand years ago we had the pastimes of Jayadev Goswami. Lord Caitanya was here around five hundred years ago. At that time Gadadhar was His associate. Brother of Gadadhar, he used to live here Dvija Vaninath, and he wanted deities of Gaura and Gadadhar. But Lord Caitanya said “I will not letting anyone make my deities until I leave because I come here as a devotee”. But Dvija Vaninath said “listen you are my friend. Don’t cheat me. I want deities. Otherwise you stay here”. So like this he insisted the Gaur Gadadhar let him make deities. So these deities who are here they are made in the presence of Lord Caitanya and Gadadhar. When the deities are finished Vaninath asked “are these deities are non-different from you”? “Ah. Yes”! “Then let the deities go. You stay here”. Then Lord Caitanya lift His hands same like as the deities and Him became wooden like deities and the deities became moving and they started to walk away. Dvija Vaninath said “no no you stay”. Then those deities wooden original deities like the wooden form stood as like the deities. And Mahaprabhu would become like wood. He became moving, He started to walk away. Dvija Vaninath said “no no you stay”. In this way back and forth they start walking. Then Vaninath got confused who was the original deities. “Okay. I give up”. I am defeated. So those deities are here, the original deities. I don’t think is there any other Gaur Gadadhar is there like size. But anyway only one Gaur Nitai similar but Gaur Gadadhai I think only here. So this temple is separate Trust. But it is then overseen by the birth place Trust of Lord Caitanya. That’s informally. The disciple of Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakur was in charge of this and he was hundred years old. This Brahmachari now he is taking care of this temple. He is doing lots for the development. Like Mandir with marble floor, this stage, so he is very active. So this place is very ancient.

From here we have to go to Vidyanagar. This is part of the Ritu dvip. Ritu dvip is always changing its seasons. May be hot everywhere else, it will be cold here. Or may be cold everywhere, it will be hot here. Seasons change. On the way you see Radha kund and Shyam kund. Like this all the dhams are existing in Navadvip Dham.

We enjoy hearing about the Lord’s pastimes and that gives us a lot of inspiration. But the more that you listen from pure devotees, the more our taste increases and this is transcendental pleasure; it doesn’t depend on the senses. And the special quality is that we may develop a desire to be a part of the pastimes of the Lord. Then we can enter out the Lord, see the pastimes, participate in the pastimes. How many of you would like to be part of Lord Caitanya’s and Lord Krsna’s pastime? Gauranga!

Parikshit Maharaj he was cursed to die by a snake-bird and he took this opportunity to listen to the Srimad Bhagavatam from Sukhadev Goswami. When he was hearing the 10th canto, the pastimes of Lord Krsna, he was very eager to hear more. Now he must have passed five or six days without eating, without drinking, without sleeping but he was so eager when he asked the questions he was, he was so enthusiastic. “What more than my unlimited Lord do? What more than my unlimited Lord do”? Don’t worry we are giving you Prasad. But how Parikshit Maharaj he forgot all those food, all that sleeping, all that drinking, he was just thinking what else that my Lord do. That’s Krsna Consciousness that we don’t think anymore about the body. So one has to remind oh this is time to eat. So I hope that you are all going deep and deep and deep into the Holy dham.

Last year when I came I saw about twelve hundred devotees. But this year I heard there is two thousand. So we are very proud that there are so many people are in the Hindi party. Also I heard your enthusiasm is attracting other countries as well. Thank you very much. Danyavad, Danyavad.