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Rama-Navami @ Sri Mayapur Dham, India

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Friday, April 15, 2016
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The following is a talk given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja on April 15th, 2016 in Sridhama Mayapura, India. The arrival address was given on Rama-Navami


Jayapataka Swami: We had lookouts at the different spots. (Translation) At that time, there were no residences at Gaura Nagar. (Translation) There was no hospital. (Translation) It was only open fields. (Translation)When the first saw Prabhupada, they burst some firecracker. (Translation) And then when they came closer, the next that saw Prabhupada’s car would blow a firecracker. (Translation) When he reached the uh culvert, (Translation) people could see him from the roof of the lotus building. (Translation) They turned on the siren. (Translation) Everybody knew, “Prabhupada had come, Prabhupada had come, Prabhupada had come!”

Devotees: Haribol! (Translation)

Jayapataka Swami: [to the translator] You have to translate with more feeling! (laughter) (Bengali)


At that time, there was no TOVP. (Translation) Obviously there was no Samadhi, (Translation) so we all ran to the front gate. (Translation) And then from the gate they threw flowers. (Translation) He came in the red car with the tilak on the front. (Translation) And he was smiling at all the devotees. (Translation) Then, he came in, had darshan of the Deities, (Translation) and he was circumambulating the Deities. (Translation) Then he would ring the bell, (Translation) and the devotees were jumping up and down. (Translation) He’d be smiling and shaking his head, (Translation) then he would ring the bell. (Translation)

So, I’m thinking how we should have this kind of uh… relive this experience during our annual festival. (Translation) In uh, Los Angeles they have a limonene come and uh… the Prabhupada murti is taken out to the temple. (Translation) And… so, they have some Prabhupada arrival festival. (Translation) This is during the May festiva… annual Prabhupada festival they have. (Translation) So maybe our creators of the different anusthans and different festivals (Translation) at… during Gaura-Purnima time can create something like this. (Translation)

So, I didn’t know you’re having a festival. (Translation) I thought today was Rama-Navami, so there would be a Rama-Navami festival, (Translation) but I was surprised that, “No no. You’re on the way to the Jagannatha temple, and we’re going to take you in a procession, down.” (Translation) I was just at the uh, Mumbai Bureau meeting. (Translation) They had discussed Mayapur, and different topics. (Translation) I requested them to have their next meeting in Mayapur. (Translation) Since uh, the GBC decided that a joint Bureau and GBC committee would oversee Mayapur, (Translation) so I thought that it would be auspicious if they came to Mayapur one time. (Translation) Of course, that means we have to somehow feed them, (Translation) give them a place to stay. (Translation) I hope that that would be possible. (Translation)

Devotee: Haribol!

Jayapataka Swami: Otherwise, they’ll have to go begging. (Translation)

When I was in Mumbai, I saw the American consulate, and they approved my return residency Visa. (Translation) Because I’m an Indian Citizen…

Devotees: Haribol! (applause) Gauranga! (Translation)

Jayapataka Swami: …so if I stay out of America more than one year, (Translation) I lose my status as a foreign resident, (Translation) and I have to do a whole bunch of health check-ups and police appearances and so on. (Translation) I had to go for interviews and so on. (Translation) By Krishna’s mercy, (Translation) if we once get back to the spiritual world, that’s our permanent Visa. (Translation)

Krishna said that we don’t come back to the material world in a conditioned way. (Translation)

nāpnuvanti mahātmānaḥ saṁsiddhiṁ paramāṁ gatāḥ

So, Just before I left, I was just translating some of the pastimes as a child, of Lord Nityananda, (Translation) and as a child He would play different Krishna-lila, Rama-lila avatara lilas. (Translation) So, all the adults are amazed, “How do these children know so many pastimes? (Translation) We didn’t teach them.” (Translation) When they asked Nityananda, “How do you know these pastimes?” (Translation) He was like six years old. (Translation) He said, “Oh, they’re My pastimes.” (Translation) (laughter)

“Oh, these children. They have such imagination.” (Translation) But they didn’t know that these were actually the pastimes of Lord Nityananda. (Translation) Balarama haila nitai. So, He… He had been present in all these pastimes. (Translation) And one time He did the Rama-lila. (Translation) And uh, Ravana’s son Indrajit, (Translation) he shot Laksmana (Translation) with his special arrow, (Translation) and Nityananda was playing the part of… of uh, Laksmana, (Translation) so He fell unconscious. (Translation) He told the other friends, (Translation) “If this happens to Me, gather around Me and cry. (Translation) Then, send Hanuman to get the healing herb, (Translation) and when that herb is given for Me to smell, I’ll come back to consciousness.” (Translation)

So Lord Nityananda as Laksmana, He fell unconscious, (Translation) but all the boys gathered around a cried, (Translation) but they forgot what to do next. (Translation) Just then, Padmavati, the mother of Nityananda came out, “Time for lunch. Everyone go home.” (Translation) But uh, then she saw, “Nityananda! Nityananda! He’s not breathing! He’s not breathing? What happened?!” (Translation) She called Hadai Oja, (Translation) the father of Lord Nityananda. (Translation) He saw no sign of life. (Translation) No breathing, no heartbeat. (Translation) He called the doctor. (Translation)

Doctor said, “I don’t know why He’s not breathing, and heart… no heart.” (Translation) So then, he asked the boys, “What were you doing?” (Translation)

“Rama-lila” (Translation)

“He was Laksmana. He was shot by the arrow of Indrajit.” (Translation)

“What comes next?” (Translation)

Then the boys remembered, (Translation) “Oh, Hanuman has to go and get the healing herb, sajivani.” (Translation)

“Okay. Send him quick! Go get the healing herb.” (Translation)

So Hanuman was going and on the way, one sadhu said, “Oh, rest a bit! Rest, rest! Take some fruits.” (Translation)

“No no. I have rush. Laksmana is serious.” (Translation)

“Well then at least take bath in the lake.” (Translation)

So he went into the pukur to take a bath, (Translation) and crocodile came and grabbed him. (Translation) And he fought with the crocodile, pshew pshew pshew, pshew pshew. (Translation) Then he killed the crocodile. (Translation) Then he came back. He saw the sadhu was dressed as a soldier of Ravana, “Ha Ha Ha!” (Translation) And he, Hanuman said, “I don’t care for your Ravana. (Translation) I see only a dog!” (Translation) Then there was a big fight between the raksasa and Hanuman, (Translation) and then Hanuman defeated the raksasa. (Translation) Then he went to the hill, (Translation) and he couldn’t recognize which plant cause it was filled with plants. (Translation) So, he took the whole mountain. (Translation)

Hanuman ki, Jaya!

Vajravali ki, Jaya!

Sri Ramacandra ki, Jaya!

Laksmana ki, Jaya!

So he came back with the mountain. (Translation) Rama… The boy playing Rama’s part took the plant from the mountain, (Translation) and he put it under the nose of Laksmana. (Translation) Then Nitai got up. (Translation) Haribol!

Raghupati raghava raja rama,

patita pavana sita rama.

Jaya laksmana, jaya hanuman

Jaya laksmana jaya hanuman

So Krishna, He comes and plays the part of Rama, (Translation) and uh, Ayodhya is the highest place in Vaikuntha, (Translation) but higher than Vaikuntha is Goloka-dhama. (Translation) That’s where Lord Krishna says. (Translation) But Lord Siva, he was telling in the Siva Purana that if you chant one name of Rama, that’s equal to 1,000 names of Visnu. (Translation) And one name of Krishna is worth 3,000 names of Visnu. (Translation) So, we chant Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. (Translation)

So, we hope that while the devotees are here, they will get absorbed in chanting the holy names. (Translation) There’s Hare, Krishna and Rama, three words. (Translation) So chant this Hare Krishna, Hare Rama mantra, sixteen words, thirty-two syllables, (Translation) and get your… get transcendental bliss. (Translation) That’s the yajna for this kali-yuga. (Translation) Thank you very much. (Translation)

Transcribed by Jagannatha dasa Brahmacari