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Srimad Bhagavatam 3 2 30 Sweden

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Wednesday, April 17, 1996
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The following is a class given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami on April 17th, 1996 in Sweden. The class begins with a reading from the Srimad Bhagavatam, 3rd Canto, Chapter 2, verse- 30.

prayuktān bhoja-rājena

māyinaḥ kāma-rūpiṇaḥ

līlayā vyanudat tāṁs tān

bālaḥ krīḍanakān iva


by His Divine Grace Srila Abhay Caran Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The great wizards who were able to assume any form were engaged by the King of Bhoja, Kaṁsa, to kill Kṛṣṇa, but in the course of His pastimes the Lord killed them as easily as a child breaks dolls.


The atheist Kaṁsa wanted to kill Kṛṣṇa just after His birth, just after His birth. He failed to do so, but later on he got information that Kṛṣṇa was living in Vṛndāvana at the house of Nanda Mahārāja. He therefore engaged many wizards who could perform wonderful acts and assume any form they liked. All of them appeared before the child-Lord in various forms, like Agha, Baka, Pūtanā, Śakaṭa, Tṛṇāvarta, Dhenuka and Gardabha, and they tried to kill the Lord at every opportunity. But one after another, all of them were killed by the Lord as if He were only playing with dolls. Children play with toy lions, elephants, boars and many similar dolls, which are broken by the children in the course of their playing with them. Before the Almighty Lord, any powerful living entity is just like a toy lion in the hands of a playing child. No one can excel God in any capacity, and therefore no one can be equal to or greater than Him, nor can anyone attain the stage of equality with God by any kind of endeavour. Jñāna, yoga and bhakti are three recognized processes of spiritual realization. The perfection of such processes can lead one to the desired goal of life in spiritual value, but that does not mean that one can attain a perfection equal to the Lord's even. The Lord is the Lord at every stage. When He was playing just like a child on the lap of His mother Yaśodāmayī or just like a cowherd boy with His transcendental friends, He continued to remain God, without the slightest diminution of His six opulences. Thus He is always unrivaled.

Thus end the Bhaktivedanta Swami Translation and Purport to the Srimad Bhagavatam, 3rd Canto, 2nd Chapter, 30th verse.

Om Tat Sat.

This chapter is entitled, Rememberence of Lord Krsna. Here Kamsa, he must have thought and his wizards must have thought killing Krsna was going to be a child play, just like for some grown person to kill a child isn’t difficult. Of course it’s a heinous crime despised by people all over the world, when a small child is mercilessly killed.

When we see the modern day atrocities which are going on, often on, in different parts of the world, the thing which emits the most disgust is too see a small child being tortured or maimed or killed. Because the child is innocent. Has no chance to defend. So here, Kamsa is giving the order, He is just a little child in Gokul, but He is my enemy. You should go and murder that child for me, assassinate him. You can do anyway you want. So you have putana, wel.... just to be sure you get that child Putana you just kill all the babies that are under one year old age, just kill everyone. So that way we should surely get Krsna.

So the different demons, they went with this idea to kill Krsna, and they were very confident of themselves, of their powers because they had this mystical powers. One can get mystical power in a number of ways. One can get mystical power through the process of yoga. Then that is a ...6.04... white power or the power get’s the astha siddhi by the yogic process, or sometimes one can also get certain mystical powers by performing different types of penances, austerities and worshipping different demigoddesses or goddesses or by doing some kind of magical, tantric worship of these different powerful devas or devis. So somehow or another this wizards have been able to accrue this black mystic powers. They are able to transform their shapes and do some... I mean different wonderful things. So they had become very self-confident, because they had these powers, there is nothing anybody can do to us. We can easily defeat a child. If he is a enemy of our dear friend Kamsa, what better gift we could give to him than to just slaughter this child. The demons become very proud of their powers, and if they get mystic powers, well, it really goes into their head. Ravana had become the king of the raksashas and became so powerful because of his worship of Siva and his different austerities that he became invincible to the devas and the devas became controlled by him. In fact his son had defeated Indra; became known as Indrajit, the one who could defeat Indra... who defeated Indra. Apparently, all the devas all the devas had been put on the steps of Ravan so that when he would walk up to his throne, on the steps of his throne there were the different devas who were captured and tied down. So he would just step on their bodies to go up to his throne, he is very proud of his having defeated all this devas and because of the superior mystic powers of Ravana he... they could not move.

Apparently one day Narad Muni suggested that, “you are letting this devas off very light because you are stepping on their back. Everyone knows it is easy to tolerate being stepped on the back, but if you were to turn them around and step on their stomach then it would be much more difficult for them to tolerate, much more injurious to them ha... ha... ha... (laughter)

Ravana thought, “Ok, very great idea. Ok, turn them over. Let’s now step on their belly.”, and of course Narada’s idea was, because you see all of the planets looking down, so their influence was directed away but now when they were all looking up they could look at Ravana and they could cast all their malefic glances at him to further hasten his defeat in the hands of Sri Ram. So hope (inaudible ...9.35...)

So, Ravana, when he asked for a blessing he said, he didn’t want to be defeated by any other raksasha or any of the devas, he never asked for a blessing to not be defeated by human being or by an animal because the human beings or the animals are such puny, weak, insignificant creatures, you don’t even consider them to be a threat. So he didn’t ask for a blessing to be protected from them. So he had a benediction that he could only be killed by a raksasha or by a deva or by any form of you know... by deva, by higher entities. So the supreme Lord, he appeared as a human being... in the form of a human, as Ram so He could deal directly with... He was accompanied by the monkeys and the bears and other animals. So, here was the army led by humans and animals which Ravana didn’t have any specific benediction to be protected from, but if the Lord appears as the human or as anything that is unlimitedly powerful. So here Krsna of course, he has come as the supreme Personality of Godhead but He is playing like a very small child. The previous verses it mentions, just like a lion club is playing... even the lions are such ferocious, powerful entities, animals, the king of the jungle but their cubs roll around and play and they maybe, the hit out in the air and they frolic and sometimes two lion clubs will roll on one another and play with one another in mock battles, and the lions are watching antics of their cubs and find it very amusing.

So it is said that Krsna, He is the supreme personality of Godhead, but he was playing in Vrindavana like a lion cub. So many different kinds of childhood pastimes. Just to add the spice, here Kamsa here, is sending one after another different wizards, these different demons to kill Krsna. So in the midst of Krsna’s loving pastimes with His associates, you know, in comes different demons, Pralambhasura coming as a cowherd boy in disguise and actually entering into the pastimes and wrestling and playing. We can understand that there must have been so many cowherd boys that if one extra one entered in it wasn’t immediately noticed. How could Krsna could understand that this boy was a bit different, and engineered it so that Balarama was being carried by the Pralambasura.... when Pralabasura... I really wanted to get Krsna... but let me get rid of this Balarama first because then it would be easier to get rid of Krsna.

So like that each of the demons, they came in and they in a very deceptive way they tried to finish off Krsna and Balarama, and Krsna and Balarama being absorbed in their childhood pastimes, when they realized here is another demon, like a baby breaks the toys he breaks the head of these demons, hand or legs or whatever, toss them in the trees. Now Prabhupada is giving us a new insight here, you see, just like these demons they have little powers and they thought because of these powers they had become equal or greater than God. Of course being demons they didn’t believe in God... they were considering themselves invincible. When a demon think that they have unlimited power, they are invincible, then they think that they can control others and do whatever they want. When a devotee... even if they have unlimited potency from the Lord, they simply want to use whatever power they have to serve the Lord and to do good to the... to others, to uplift the people. Therefore you see, the difference between the demoniac kings in the history like Hiranyakashipu or Ravana or Kamsa, when they took over, they dismantled the institutions of welfare for the Lord and they began to ...14.47-50... the people to different degrees, and therefore we have great kings like Ambarish who were so powerful that even the great mystic yogi like Durvasa was powerless before him, in fact was almost killed because of an offence to him. But in spite of his vast empire he ...15.12... everything in a very humble way as a service to the Lord.

Dhrtara.... Duryodhana, you can see how he was dealing, but Yudhisthir, he got the potency, the power, he was performing Aswa, he was performing different yajnas, aswamedh yajna or rajasuy sacrifice and in this way he was engaging people in Krsna conscious activities, he offered Krsna the first remnant of the sacrifice. ...15.50... was there, and others were there, but they offered Krsna as the supreme personality of Godhead.

For the devotees, even if they get power the use it for Krsna. You see, something we have to be very careful because... be careful of because the materialistic tendency is to misuse power. ...16.12... bsolute power means absolute corruption, things like that. That’s true if one has demoniac mentality but not if one is in the proper Krsna conscious mentality. It wasn’t that everyone who had absolute power became corrupted in Krsna consciousness. Those who have the supreme power they utilize it in a proper way. So the point is, having the proper consciousness. If one has the devotee consciousness then that powers is a problem, if one has a demoniac consciousness then the power becomes problematic both for the demon as for others, but generally people when they get a little bit of power it goes to their head.

Like Prabhupada was... I remember when we were together with him in 1968 in Montreal, that time was the year... around that time was the year of the Montreal World Fare. I don’t know French hardly, few words only, Tenet is home or something, it’s Man and his world, that is the English translation, and they are very proud and Prabhupada would say, “What is this, Man and His World ?”, it’s God’s world, it is not Man’s world.

He would always pick out very easily how this egoistic consciousness of Man. Because Man and His world, that consciousness is what has destroyed the ecology today, we think it is our world. Human being think that this is our world, and if we want to we can mess around with it but we get shown. If it was our world then we could adjust things when we mess it up. But we pollute the atmosphere, we create the acid rain, we the create the... various problems. Whenever I go to Chilli, they always tell us in Beunes Aires in South America how the Ozone, and also in Australia the Ozone hole... the hole in the Ozone layer down there. They had to put sun-glasses on the cows, otherwise they go blind. (laughter)

Herein in the North, I don’t think you have that Ozone hole, but somehow it comes up in the South, and people get skin cancer very easily in the Southern Hemisphere because of the thin layer or the non-existent layer of Ozone because man and his world is destroying God’s planet by imbalances. So the true consciousness that is needed to be established is God’s world, Man and God’s world, and how we should treat God’s world according to His lay. It’s Krsna’s world. So this thing, I could see that, Prabhupada he kept brining up this points.

One time it was... it became winter and before winter I think Prabhupada ...19.15... but whatever was that in the newspaper, The Montreal City had published a picture of their new snow blower that they had procured which was going to deal with the snow, because just like Sweden and Canada, it’s quite snow and there is lot of snow, and.... here was a machine that could automatically...I am sure now there is many such machines. It was 68 but, this was the first invention that would take the snow and blow it off the road...phh.... it is now a very common machine now, but at that time it was a new machine, and so the headline was, “Man Conquers Nature.” (laughter), and Prabhupada, “how ridiculous! They can’t stop it from snowing, they cant you know make it warmer, all they can do is, they can blow the snow (laughter), three, four meters off to the side, and because they could blow the snow a few meters off, and so, “Man has conquered Nature”, you know it is just like... what do this people, what do they think? How ridiculous. So this has happened, as soon as they discovered DNA molecule was a essential building block life, immediately thought, the next thing we are going to do is, we are going to create life. Then head line started coming in the 65, “God is dead. Science is God.” Of course they could never create life, and now some people are thinking that science is creating you know so much death, people because of a little a whiplash or kind of a reaction people are becoming very much allergic to over-Science, and the situation in Eupone now with the “Mad Cow” situation where science has again outdone themselves in their demoniac creativity by feeding cows with animal, non-vegetarian flesh by products of garbage of the slaughtershouses and created this disease in the cows where they are spungy form or the brain becomes like a spunge and they are finding human beings eat them beaf, some of them have gotten this disease and scientists will say, “Well, this is just an accident, it could never be for this purpose, but now Italy they are finding that, “Well, there could not be another good explanation that could be that this is the cause.” So now the solution is kill all the cows, right?

The slaughterhouses are not set up for you know to kill that many cows at one time, so they thought, let’s take them out in the ocean and dump them in the sea, this is you know, this is what we are facing. People wonder why are there problems in the world? Why are we you know suffering diseases and things? If people could just understand the law of Karma that for everything we do there is a reaction and that includes what we do animlas, what we do to nature. The biggest problem of the modern world, that Prabhuapada said was that for people it is a godless society, they don’t accept the supreme power of the Lord, and therefore they do whatever they feel like.

The government is trying to you know... quickly you have to do something, our economy is going to be effected, let’s get ri of those cows, they are troublesome. They created this problem by creating this cows, by creating this whole, now the solution is kill the cow. What did the cow do? So in this way we get a world which is just totally insane, and the only hope of sanity is that people have to be brought up to the knowledge of Krsna consciousness principles, the Bhagavat Giat, what is the nature, what is life, I mean before they can even begin to understand about Krsna, they need to understand what is the basic laws that govern this universe.

Of course, if they can understand Krsna, even if they don’t understand all these... some people they just love Krsna, you see, that’s what the Brajavasis, they didn’t know all the laws of the nature, or everything....but they knew that they loved Krsna, and respected the Vedas, and that used to be what is happening. In centuries people at least respect the certain natural laws but because of being overproud by little bit of scientific progress, they think that now we can control everything and we can do whatever we want, and of course we don’t know what is going to happen with all the generic playing around the people what they are doing. Occasionally we see on the airplanes, they come up with these different, I don’t know what exactly but... some kind of movies about what happens... some weird monsters on the screen but, they create some monster because of these genetic changing or this.... could be, who knows what this... all the... so this wizard in Krsna’s time, they wanted to kill Krsna directly and it is still going on, I mean basically killing Krsna or killing His order or killing the natural law that He has created, even killing the cows which are dear to Him, the whole thing is demoniac, and Prabhupada came to put an end to demoniac consciousness by introducing Krsna consciousness, by putting an end to the material consciousness, we have to replace it with God consciousness.

Actually evebody, most everybody is really trying to become God. I mean, if you just look at the objective, they really want to be just free from any kind of restrictions as much as possible. So when a person gets into spiritual life and they get mystic power then they think you know, “Now I am as good as God, I can do anything.”, or someone gets... the mayavadis, they merge into the light... now I have become God. This is the biggest thing that... that to become God, and then you had...what’s that one... so called sadhu in India who was claiming to be God, and then the Bhagavan Rajnish and then after claiming to be God, then he got disease and problems, and then so many problems were happening and then he just decided that, actually I am not God, but there is no God (laughter), so it’s like from God, you can’t be God, and then there is no God, so then just forget about it. There is no God, I can do whatever anyway. So no God, and be God, these are the two demoniac sides of the Mayavadi and Sunyavadi coin. Either you want to be God, that mean if you are God you can do whatever you want because you are God, there is no one higher than you, or if you can’t be God, then at least there shouldn’t be any God, then you can still do anything you want because there is nobody higher.... everybody is equally non-God, but the actual reality that there is God, there is supreme being, there is a higher order, there are laws to govern the universe, and we are bound by those laws and if we have a choice to cooperate with Him, and then we can enjoy His support and ...28.28... and love or if we go against His laws, then He has His material energy and He just makes life complicated for us because we are going against the natural laws and we are creating our own problems.

So then we get people, they think, “Why there is so much suffering in the world. It’s all God’s fault. It’s not anybody else’s. We are all trying to become God. We break every law that He has given us, whether we know it not but we are breaking them. Ignorance of the law is no excuse is the common legal phrase.

So people try to blame God. When you go on preaching, “Why there is so much suffering? So many people are praying to God? Still there is suffering in the world?” So many people are not praying and so many people are maybe praying and breaking the laws. So there is a need, yajnavayi Visnu, yajnarthat karmano anyatra karma loka bandhana. If we engage ourselves in activities offered as a sacrifice to Krsna, we are not tied up by this entanglement, but if we don’t engage in Krsna conscious activities then we simply get entangled in the complexities of Karma, and what basically people are facing today is they are getting entangled up in the karma’s, and what you know, sometimes a naughty child doesn’t want to obey the parents, doesn’t want to do what they are supposed to do and they throw temper tantrums and they get spoiled, but eventually they have to grow up and be trained if ... they have to follow certain discipline, that they are not the Lord in the family, there is parents and there is other children, and there is... they have to save the child as properly trained and discipline and they become productive member of the society, otherwise they become what is known as the spoilt brat, and they create havoc.

So a society is you know, produced a lot of people who are spoilt and what’s needed is that all religions should at least unite on this platform, that there is a supreme Lord and we should follow His laws. There should be some common laws that we all agree on. Of course then you get so many strange philosophies, you get some people who say, we believe in God, and He has given us laws but the flesh is weak and we cannot follow them, and His son died for His sins, so doesn’t really matter what we do anyway, we can do anything we want because anyway we got paid for, you get all kinds of distortions but the bottom line is that we should follow the laws of God, there is really no excuse not to do, and to get the strength to do that, we need to worship the Lord.

So people may follow different methods of worships, we respect all the methods but in Kali Yuga the most powerful method is chanting, Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, and the proof is that by chanting Hare Krsna, even a person with very demoniac habits and very materialistic nature in a short time becomes transformed and naturally develops a taste and desire to serve Krsna, and now that is really something amazing, and Prabhupada mentions how some priests had come to him, when they were with us they didn’t look so bright faced. What have you done to this young boys and girls that they look so bright faced? Hmm.... What did Prabhupada?.... He gave us the Hare Krsna mahamantra, a proper diet, Krsna prasadam and proper activities of Krsna consciousness, He gave us His mercy. So in a sense, these demons they not only try to kill Krsna but they also try to kill a lot of His friends and some of them were just focussed on Krsna, but some were more... they wanted to get Krsna, was their objective but in doing so they didn’t mind killing off His friends too. Like Aghasura, he killed all the cowherds and ate them, so that he could eat Krsna. Of course Krsna saved this cowherd boys, brought them back from their unconscious state and killed the Aghasura snake demon, but somehow in this world we face this demoniac attacks, these demoniac problems but if we... as devotees we remain surrendered to Krsna and continue to do our duty of spreading the sankirtan movement, Lord Caitanya said, “no external power can stop us.” We have to very tactful and go about it in a proper strategic manner, but we should continue going on with spreading this Krsna consciousness, no matter what, and Krsna will help us to overcome the obstacles.

But Prabhupada did warn us not to lose our own service attitude. Now if we adopt a demoniac attitude, we begin to despise other devotees or work to commit offenses to Krsna and His loved one’s that’s the big problem, because then it becomes not so clear that Krsna should protect us or not because we are acting against Krsna. So we have to continue acting for Krsna at all costs, and the Krsna will certainly protect us because He promises this, that devotees will never perish, na me bhakta pranaschyati.

So Lord Caitanya, Sri Krsna is defeating all these demons and wizards by His killing them just like baby kills, breaks his toys, and in a similar way Lord Caitanya, He killed the demoniac nature of the demons. We know that Lord Caitanya didn’t bring any weapons and He didn’t kill anybody as such because in Kali Yuga of course you would have to kill practically everybody but... so many people. So then that wasn’t His method, His method was rather to love everyone and by His personal beauty, by His chanting, by His own spiritual arms, spiritual loving weapons, to kill the demoniac nature of the people and that’s even more difficult really, just..I mean to kill the demon is one thing. I mean in the very governance... one day I heard this horrible thing about... about one lady who was jogging and somebody jumped on her and then she defend herself and she ran away, and the person got angry and he shot her... that’s a daily kind of thing going on in the world, it’s not unusual thing. So people were all upset because it was in a small town. It was recently somewhere in... in Scotland, some person who... nobody even knew about very much, kind of recluse. He just suddenly decided to like call the children of the town and went into the school, primary school, shot 16 children and shot so many children, 16 died, killed the teacher and killed himself. So people get very upset, very frightened by this kind of development and everybody thinks that, “Well, it’s happening there, it won’t happen to me, but one by one different places of the world, strange things are happening and the government sometimes...this person killed himself but many times they don’t. The government arrest them and then push them in life imprisonment or hang them or something, but they can’t change them. ...35.35... how do you really hear of somebody like that who really believes that it has changed. There is always the danger that they are going to do something, something strange something again. But here Lord Caitanya, He changed people. Jagai, Madhai were like that, they were just like you know really violent, cruel people. They changed them, they became loving, caring, socially conscious... you know Krishna conscious, serving the people, serving the devotees of the Lord, serving the Lord, chanting in ecstasy, crying, complete change over. So Lord Caitanya, He has this ability to change people’s demoniac nature and just kill it off, and they would become wonderful people, and that is what we need today. I mean, people they don’t see any hope right. I mean you look at society, and there are some places worse than others, of course Scandanavia, everyone says this is better, but there are problems you know. You should not be any ....36.40.- 42... people didn’t use to throw garbage in the street now, people throw. You know, so changes are there, may here it’s... it will take longer, but why even let it happen. The point is that, right from the bud all over the world if people actually have a God-consciousness, Krshna consciousness, then that nature will be naturally finished, and to get that Lord Caitanya gave a very practical process, you know people all hung up... you know this is a new thing or this is not our religion. So that’s why Prabhupada said, “It’s everyone’s religion. Why be sectarian? There is one God and Sanskrit is the mother language and practically of most of the languages of the world. This is just the name of God, what is the problem, we are chanting the name of God. If you want to worship, you should... I don’t have any problem... I was surprised. Prabhupada told us, “We can have devotees in the temple who are practicing muslims. They can do their namaj five times a day, we don’t mind. They just have to you know shave up, and attend mangala arati and do the other things. (laughter) The can also do namaj, we don’t mind, and they can bow down, and that was ofcoure for being a temple resident. But apart from that people can chant Hare Krshna even in their homes and this is the wonderful potency of Lord Caitanya’s movement. Actually if someone does it, they can get over so much obstacles, that is the manodharmas, that is your specific religions people have adopted, there is the false ego dharma and there is the national dharma, and there is your sports club dharma, and there is your hobbies dharma, and then you know what kind of... this goes on... we should have you know a few dharmas but now there is so many dharmas that have come you know. Some people have their rotary and lions club dharma or maybe the boys scout dharma and so many occupational duties, you know even now they have this country club and the golf dharma. You have to you know, you have to worship the holes in the ground (laughter), offering white balls there (laughter), and bowing down and... (laughter), so somehow or other we have created everyday new dharmas. So when one gets tired of one, you know, they create a new one. Sport’s has become the new dharma now, right. The Olympics are coming up and everyone is and people would say, what you are doing to solve this problems you know, and they don’t know what we are doing is ultimately the solution, and there may be some other temporary... get people to stop using spray lotions for a few years and that might help them but this does not really help us solve the problem. So many stop gap solutions like that, don’t really solve the problem. It’s like the story that Bhaktisiddhantha Saraswati Thakur gave about the young child who had boil in the back... you know that story... the boil in the back story. A nine year boy had a big boil on the back, one of this throbbing carbuncles... huge, you have in this country boils sometimes, not so. You get occasionally. Someone might have had. In India when we eat a lot of mangoes we get boils. It creates heat in the blood and there are different things. Sometimes you might get a boil. So this boy, when he had a boil in his back and he was calling to his mother, “mummy, mummy, this boil is hurting me, and he didn’t know how this boil... sometimes when it would really get big, they start to just like... it begins to throb with the heart beat, “bham, bham, bham, bham...” just throbbing and paining. I mean it’s amazing how little thing on the skin can create quite a big influence in the body. So to the mother, he said, “mummy, mummy, help me, help me, I am hurting, it’s hurting me, can’t you do something?” They called his... they called her... her daughter, the boy’s elder sister and said, “What can we do? Your brother is suffering from this boil.”, and she said, “Oh, I know the natural way to relieve.”, and she went into the forest and got some nice little leaves and put the leaves around it and she put this cool leaves and then she blowed on the boil, “” ...

“ah...” and the boy had... the throbbing had gone for a while, and he was feeling some relief you know. “ah... thank you.”, and they all... “ok, now it is feeling better.”

They went off, and did some.... but after a while the leaves dried up and boil was still there, it’s just giving a temporary relief, and then you know, bhom, bhom, bhom, bhom, bhom, bhom, bhom, bhom. “Mummy, it’s hurting again”, how long can they just keep blowing and blowing. (laughter). So this was not at all solving the problem, and then the uncle came, the brother of the wife of the mother and he had been travelling in Tibet and Thailand and you know China and various countries, and he had lot about Buddhism and different things, and so he was... just returned. You have been all over the Orion and everywhere, can you help your young nephew here, it’s suffering. “come on.”

“Oh Yes, I have a solution. Whats’ the problem here?”

Oh no, he is suffering this boils. It’s giving him so much suffering.

“Ah, he is suffering, suffering ...43.00... yes I know the solution, he said, you should simply kill this boil, relieve him from his pain. If you kill him no more pain, finish, om shanty, all over.”

The mother was not very interested in that solution. In fact, that was not exactly what I was looking for. Thank you my dear brother. Why don’t you go and have you know a cup of herbal tea. (laughter)

So this is what they have learned from this...

So then the father came back, and he said, “Look at your son suffering, and he saw oh really, I will really go and get a doctor. Went out, found a doctor, the doctor came in, scanned legs, to make a long story short... then opened up the black bag and looked at the boil. “Ok, I have a solution.”

“Took up the black bag, took up the scalpel, took out a little surgical knife. The boy, when he saw the knife, “Ah... no, no, he is going to kill me with this knife, don’t let him kill me. I would die rather in any other way, but not by the knife of this doctor.” He was getting all hysterical, and then, “no, no, he is not going to kill you.”

“No, no, he is going to kill me.”

Then the doctor just went. Cut the boil, and put the hot compressor and drew out the bad puss, blood, rotten black blood and everything, and then cleaned it up and bandaged it and...

“ah... now the boy was... now a little sore there, but it was no more bhum, bhum, bhum. It was feeling better. Then the father thanked the doctor, said, “you really did a wonderful job. I want to thank you and please forgive us. Our son was chastising you and thinking you are going to harm him and, how we can apologise, and he said, “Well, yea it is the part of our job. People don’t understand. It’s alright, I am glad he is feeling better. Thank you.”, and he left.

So this little story was given by Srila Bhaktisiddhantha Saraswati Thakur. Of course this is an analogy and everybody in the drama is... I mean the skit should be nice.. if somebody is suffering, it’s actually representing a certain thing. So the boy of course is a living entity who is suffering from the material pangs. Now who is the young sister? What is that the young elder sister... what is that solution? The material solution, the give some temporary solution, the karma kanda, all material solution but the real problem doesn’t go, and then we have the uncle, the impersonalist or the sunyavadi... the different forms of the mayavada and sunyavad, their idea that you just either cease to exist or become one with God or merge or annihilate, and then you have the doctor who came and gave the solution. Yes, the bhakti yogi, bonafide spiritual master, here he has come. Of course here the preacher comes and he is chastised. That what this people are thinking, what are these people doing? What are the Hare Krsna’s doing? And they give so much .... idea, but once if you can give the... when somebody is cured, then they are, “Oh, thank you very much.” Everybody is appreciative. So we face this initial resistant because of ignorance, but ultimately the devotees have the real cure, but everybody thinks other’s cure are the better cure. Lord Caitanya’s causeless mercy is like that, give love to everyone and we can get... flood the world with Krishna Conscious literature and engage everyone in helping to spread this Krishna Conscious movement by practicing and preaching themselves, and very quickly we can see massive change in the world.

Thank you very much. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krihsna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Any questions?

Yes Brahmamuhurta Prabhu.

Question: (inadible)47.40

Jayapataka Swami: No it is good. Of course a lot of it is in presentation. Actually you see that nowadays it is not so much. It’s less what the item is. It is how you package it. People already have the pre-conceived idea that this... they don’t really come to you, I have this problem, how to get it solved? He is coming to you, I have a problem and this is the solution I am visioning, I am willing to try this solution now. So they are already coming with a idea that this is what’s going to solve my problem. So if you tell them that, “No, that idea is not good. Do this other idea”, then they are... then that means that you are really going to work against the current you know, you are going to face more difficulty. So that’s why in preaching it’s... preaching is kind of a transcendental marketing, and Prabhupada was very expert in that, and people had that little desire you know in that particular direction, he would tend to try to go with that flow and try to bring them into Krsna consciousness through that. Of course what we do, we do meditation, so that usually you know... this is not we do.. when we say mantra meditation, it’s more effective means of meditation. So if you just say, “chant Hare Krsna,.... the way you present it, that it is a form of mantra meditation, you know, you can sit and meditate using the senses. Then Prabhupada actually did this, you see. Mediatation is a very popular, still it is a popular thing. So sometimes he would present chanting as a meditation, and how you ... using all the senses in the meditation, using the sense of touch of the beads. By this meditation we try to meditate our senses in meditation, we go deeper, more profound concentration. So it’s really a question of how you want to pack Krishna Consciousness sometimes. It’s not accepted by... in some cases we are not packaging it in the right way, and therefore we were discussing now having a little... some meetings with some... myself and our... Srila Harikesa Swami about the Mayapur exhibitions and really the question is how you want to... Krsna consciousness is so vast, and just what angle you want to present it from, how do you want to package it for a particular person because, a scientist who is interested in a particular angle and simple personal man is interested in another angle.

As you you would have someone coming to you and say, “I want to do meditation.” So if you say, “O very good, it’s very wonderful, but we also doing meditation. I do meditation everyday.”


So we have a secret mantra, but you have to chant those mentally. You first have to chant those mantra’s out loud, and... also you can chant mentally, but it’s better to just whisper in ...50.35... so sometimes you can... just kind of go with what they are saying, unless they come with some really crazy thing which is totally detrimental, but if it’s at all a reasonable proposal, and they are doing that in Hong- Kong, I think that the devotees there have even a yoga course. Their form of bringing new people is that they have Hatha Yoga course. They teach them the Hatha Yoga and then they have the beginner, intermediate and advance. At the end of the... somewhere along the middle of the beginner state they start introducing mantra meditation. At the end of the...somewhere along the middle of the beginner stage, they start introducing the mantra meditation, and I already told them a few twists and turns, and then when you come in the intermediate then they still go teaching more asanas but now the mantra meditation has become an integral part of it, and when you get into the advance stage, and finally graduate you know... Haribol. (laughter)

So sometimes you have this ways of presenting Krsna consciousness, not... I mean I know one devotee in South India has been doing course in the university on personality development because people are interested in developing their personality and he gave a three session course, and then you know started off with all... I don’t know.. he studied all the lingo about personality and what normally they talk about. So started off with that, but then kind of ...52.09... into how in the Bhagavad-gita, it explains how we have three levels of personality, the physical, the mental and the intellectual, and then ultimately there is the living force, the whole, and so take people into different levels of personality and then they become intertwined and then finally by the second session the people had to bring out their inner personality, your real self. There are ways of doing that like chanting mantras, and then we got people to start experimenting with that, and then you got people to start experimenting with that, and by the time you get in the third session the people were started chanting, they started chanting japa and they understood... or some people may be in the West take 10 sessions, I don’t know how long it takes but this packaging is a big thing. We have a solution for everyone, but the point is that how to bring that from where they are to become... the more they can engage in direct Krsna consciousness, the more effective it will be. So this preaching requires a very mature devotee, not to get off the track, can be able to take them from where they are to a more involved Krsna conscious level, and very clear steps to that.

By this example. ... Prabhupada kind of authorized that kind of activity. As long as you have, either ... clear sight, you don’t know how you are taking them, and you don’t get mislead yourself you know. Immature devotee may go off, and off the track themselves.

Hare Krsna. Thank You.

Transcribed by: Sadandanda Krsna Prema Dasa.

Date : 14-03-17, dibrugarh, Assam.